Couture Hairstyle from Micheline Barber

Salon: M Salon 1
Stylist: Micheline Barber
Model: Cardia

If you’re looking for bold updos and black hairstyles, look no further. This beautiful braided look works best with very long hair, but those with shorter hair can use extensions to lengthen it.

1. Pull your hair into a tight ponytail at the back of your head, and begin to braid it.
2. Lay the braid up to front of your hairline, using bobby pins to keep the braid in place.
3. Continue pinning the braid back and forth in circles, laying the braid on top of itself.
4. Finally, bring the braid off your head entirely, resting only on itself. Be sure to pin this part very well.
5. Tuck the end underneath a coil of braid, pinning it for extra security.

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