Ms. Kriss’ “Sexy Curls” Long Hairstyle with Curls

Ms. Kriss’ “Sexy Curls” Long Hairstyle with Curls

Salon: Kristyle’s Kreations Hair Studio
Stylist: Ms. Kriss
Model: Kawuan

These gorgeous locks are one of many black hairstyles that can be worn to formal and casual events. The short bangs give definition to the face while setting the look apart from typical curls. Curls usually have a very neat and tidy look. These curls are neat, but still adopt some of the messy look, keeping them very trendy in any situation. To recreate one of these long hairstyles at home, simply condition and curl your hair. Using overnight curlers and hairspray can create strong, sculpted curls. Tease them slightly as you blow dry your hair in the morning to get that perfect in-between look.

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