Curly Black Hairstyle with Braids from Erma Stephens

Cute girls with cute curls! Erma Stephens has produced the cutest look for black girl’s crazy about curls. A look as cute as this may be thought of for only young ladies. The truth is that this youthful look can be tweaked into all age appropriate styles. Don’t let the curls and cornrows intimidate you, this curly black hairstyle with braids can be for many occasions and many ages.

Curly Black Hairstyle with Braids

Salon: Trinity Hair Design
Stylist: Erma Stephens
Model: Tiesha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Erma has made an adorable masterpiece. The first part of the magic of this style is the cornrows that are braided up into feeder spiral curls. The cascade of curls frames the face in a bang of curls! The cornrows are braided asymmetrically in a fashionable and trendy up-do.  Updo’s are sometimes considered outdated or overdone. Erma has proven with her fresh and modern vision that up-do’s still have the juice! The feeder cornrows morphs into a lovely cascade of elegant spiral curls. Coolest part of this style is that even in one style, from different angles you have different styles. On one side you see spiral curls, the opposite side features only corn rows. This style is versatile to your personal taste.

Introducing Erma Stephens from Trinity Hair Designs

Trinity Hair Design, in the sunny city of Crestview Florida, is the home of professional hair stylist Erma Stephens. Erma has many years of experience in all types of hair and hair needs. Although she is a veteran, she is also sharp on the hottest new trends. Trinity Hair Design believes in the deepest and best customer service. Getting you the style that you desire is only a small portion of the full experience.  Erma, as well as the fellow cosmetologist in Trinity Hair Design believes that first impressions keeps a client returning, however, believe that throughout the duration of your patronage, you will be well pleased. Book your appointment today and enjoy your cutest new do!

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