Terresa Murray’s Silky Long Black Hairstyle with Wide Bangs

Long hair don’t care! This style is for everyone.  Although we have all seen lengthy styles, with wide heavy bangs, Terresa Murray has modernized this classic Silky Long Black Hairstyle with Wide Bangs with a pop of blonde highlights at the ends of the hair. This hair installation is full of body and sheen.  Who would even have to know that the hair is commercial hair and not yours? The secret is safe with us!

Long Black Hairstyle with Wide Bangs

Salon: Hair Explosion
Stylist: Terresa Murray
Model: Shanell
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Terresa Murray of Hair Explosion has taken a chic classic look and gave it a personalized spin.  These commercial tresses were first taken care of by shampooing the chosen bundles. To achieve this look, you may choose to have the hair colored or to add the underlying color pop to achieve similar results. Terresa made a lovely full bang to give the alluring sexy affect that we all love! This look shapes and frames the face in the most charming way, automatically slimming and adding mystery.  She then clipped the ends into a natural fall. Finishing touches on this lovely Silky Long Black Hairstyle with Wide Bangs is sheen, sheen and more sheen.

Introducing Terresa Murray from Hair Explosion

Hair Explosion located in the amazing Panama City in Florida is the home of stylist Terresa Murray.  Terresa is a long-time veteran in the hair industry. Her hands have blessed many heads and her vision has enhanced many lovely ladies.  Hair Explosion is a multi service salon with you, the client, in mind. As a professional stylist, her biggest goal is to produce healthy hair and give life to the client’s desires. The atmosphere will be a welcoming family environment to relax and enjoy your transformation. 

Terresa is in high demand. Although walk-ins are welcomed, appointments are preferred for the sake of the client’s precious time as well. Book your appointment now via universalsalons.com or you are just one call away from your dream look. 

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