Curly Low Maintenance Hairstyle from Chandra Peak

Are you looking for curly hairstyles for black women with medium to shoulder length hair? Do you like a low maintenance style that gives your hair a break from the daily styling grind? The stylists of Artistry by Chandra offer a curly roller set style like this one that is a versatile way and healthy alternative to wear your hair when you want to have flexibility and low maintenance from day to day. Who wouldn’t want to have little to no touch up time for their hair in the morning when it comes to getting ready and out the door? The stylist at this salon definitely has her client in mind to provide a curly hairstyle suited for her needs as a student who is involved in sports and the performing arts.  This particular style was chosen by the stylist so that her client could maintain a curly style all day. Even if she sweats it out, once her hair dries, so will the style.

Salon: Artistry by Chandra
Stylist: Chandra Peak
Model: Caira
Make Up: Chandra Peak

 The wonderful thing about this style is that when the curls begin to drop you can still style your hair with your fingers at minimum to re-position the curls and still have body. The benefit to that is you do not have to use heat.  When your stylist gives you a soft roller set with using minimal styling products so that the hair will be soft to the touch, not firm, as the curls begin to relax you can pin up one or both sides, smooth down one side and even wrap your hair to make a doobie. The style team at Artistry by Chandra enjoys sharing these ideas with their clients. This allows them to maximize the longevity of their hairstyle in between salon visits.  Another benefit to black women who may have dry and brittle hair due to chemical over processing or just need special attention when it comes to hair care is wearing your hair up and having your ends concealed that’s a great way to keep your hair protected, especially during the cold winter months. This prevents less exposure to your ends that are the oldest part of your hair. The stylist at this salon also educates their clients when it comes to their daily maintenance routine. Having your ends trimmed every 6-8 weeks is very important. Using alcohol free hair products and putting your hair in a satin bonnet while you sleep are some of the tips you will pick up from visiting this salon. Most importantly, having a consistent stylist who can maintain your hair and help you meet your hair growth or hair health goals will keep you looking your best. The less black women do to their hair when it comes to styling, the healthier and better it will be. Wouldn’t it be great to work with a stylist who genuinely cares about the way your hair behaves once you leave her chair? Artistry by Chandra has stylist that will reach out to you to make sure you are completely satisfied with your curly hairstyle.

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