Curly Hairstyle with Hair Color from Kenya Young

If you are interested in black hairstyles for women that will fit any occasion, you may want to take advantage of one of Kenya Young’s latest creations. Kenya is the owner and Master Cosmetologist at Young, Sassy & Unique Hair Salon in Durham, NC. Designed for both the young and the older woman, it can be worn in any setting or environment. All the wearer has to do is make their face up properly to match the color of their hair and the all over curly style that they will be sporting. That being said, here’s a few details that will describe the look in the sideshow that is presented to you.

Salon: Young Sassy & Unique
Stylist: Kenya Young
Model: Briana
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The color of this style is very appealing to the eye since it has subtle highlights that glean throughout. For those that like a light wine reddish look, it is also important to note that tis color can be worn by many different women. Since it can fit women who are darker in shade as well as those who are considered to be a little high yellow, the color is a great alternative for any woman.

Just above the Shoulder Length
This style is made for those who have a varying of lengths. With the model that sports that’s hair style, it looks great with a length that stops just above the shoulder. However, it is also great to know that this style can be worn at very long lengths too. Meaning people with longer hair do not have to shy around or avoid wearing this cute style.

Curly hairstyles
The length of the hair is not the only area that women should pay close attention to with this particular hair style. Especially, because this curly look can be just what an individual may need if they want their hair to look fuller. Even when a woman has thin hair, the curls can be positioned all over to create a style that goes from a spiral curly look all over, starting from the crown of the head to the end of each strain. Made for both permed look and hot combed straightened hair, this is a style that is flexible enough to accommodate women who can benefit from both. However, for those who have natural hair, this may not be the look that you desire.

Change it up a Tad bit
In addition to being curly enough to create a full head of a hair, women can change it up a tad bit whenever they choose to do so. So, for those of you who are looking to spend an evening out on the town in formal attire, you may want to pin the backup of the hair above the neck to change it from a longer length to a short sassy style. Whatever the occasion, people can pick and choose the changes that they want to make, especially since it can easily be done with ease.

Overall, this is a lovely hair style that will look great in virtually any color hair and above the shoulder length. Therefore, if you are interested in trying it out, and you live near Durham NC hair salons, you may want to contact Kenya Young at Young, Sassy & Unique Hair Salon today.

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