Curly Quickweave Bob Hairstyle with a Lace Closure from Stephanie Hill

This hairstyle is a fun, flirty doo that is certain to garner all the attention at any event. This curly, quick weave bob hairstyle with a lace closure combines a trendsetting combination of style and flair that ensures you will be the center of attention wherever you go. This hairstyle also features a custom hair color technique with platinum highlights and auburn lowlights. The hair color accentuates the model’s complexion as well as creating definition throughout the style. The soft curl pattern creates movement in the bob. The beautiful part about this bob is that since it’s a quick weave, the model can transition into her new hairstyle quickly and therefore, new hairstyles are easy to interchange.

Salon: Poised Beauty & Beat Studio
Stylist: Stephanie Hill
Model: Whitney
Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

Quick Weave Bob Hairstyle

More than anything else, today’s fashionista needs the ability to change. We may be brush cut short on Tuesday, and have long, flowing locs on Wednesday. The ability to meet this demand comes in the form of quickweave bob hairstyle with a lace closure that are pre- made and easy to install quickly. Using a lace closure ensures the new hairstyle will blend in seamlessly with the model’s natural hair. The quick weave hair technique has given fashion conscious women the ability to have endless hairstyle choices at a moments notice, at an economical price as well.

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Introducing Stephanie Hill from Poised, Beauty and Beat Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

Creating stunning, quick weave hairstyles is a specialty at Poised, Beauty and Beat Hair Salon located at 3827 Broad River Rd. in Columbia. Stephanie Hill, the owner is an expert in quick weave creations as well as lace closures. Quick weave with lace closures are just one of the many techniques, Stephanie has perfected. When you are ready to add some versatility to your hairstyles, give Stephanie Hill a call at (803) 933-2227. Either Stephanie or one of the other talented members of her staff will be happy to service you.


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