Long Natural Silk Press Hairstyle with Body Curls from Stephanie Hill

The statement has always been that, “Long hair don’t care”. Well, that’s not necessarily true with the long hairstyles for black women. Between relaxer sessions or the time and expense of adding weave extensions, black women have long had a challenge with growing and maintaining healthy, long hairstyles. Stephanie Hill from Poised, Beauty, and Beat Hair Salon in Columbia, SC has broken that barrier with this long natural silk press hairstyle with loose body curl, also. This hairstyle highlights the model’s own long, natural hair. Stephanie chose to use a silk press technique to straighten the hair, instead of relying on some type of chemical procedure.

Salon: Poised Beauty & Beat Studio
Stylist: Stephanie Hill
Model: Victoriana
Make Up: Jocelyn Combs

Loose Body Curls

Stephanie decided to give this long natural silk press hairstyle some flair by incorporating beautiful, loose body curls. The curls help to give this hairstyle definition and accentuate the shape of the model’s face also. It’s obvious that this hairstyle was created specifically with this model in mind also.

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Stephanie really knows how to take her client’s total look to another level. She uses everything from the client’s choice in clothing, lifestyle, and Stephanie’s knowledge of what makes that client feel beautiful to create each of her signature hairstyles as a result.

Introducing Stephanie Hill from Poised, Beauty & Beat Hair Salon in Columbia, SC

Stephanie Hill is an accomplished black hair stylist located in the Columbia, SC area. Stephanie is the owner of Poised, Beauty, & Beat Hair Salon, located at 3827 Broad River Rd. The salon, like Stephanie, conveys a professional atmosphere with an eye towards the current trends in fashion. Every member of the staff at Poised, Beauty, and Beat Hair Salon is well trained in their craft. From makeup, to hair extensions, to healthy hair maintenance. Give Stephanie a call at (803) 933-2227 and let her transform your look from what you have today, to something you’ve always wanted.

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