Custom Unit Hairstyle with Long Layers from Tiffany Jones

Tiffany Jones, Tiffany J’s Owner of House of Trends in Atlanta, GA creates a long layers custom unit wig hairstyle. She used Sensationell Cello 100% Luxurious Remy 20 inch pack, 18 inch pack and filled the rest of the wig with 14 inch pack to add shorter layers. This wig has an invisible center part. This creates a more natural looking hair piece. Sensationelle Cello 100% Remy can be ordered off of her website or you can purchase it online from Sensationelle or buy it at any local beauty supply store.

You may want to have a two toned look for this custom unit wig. You can create natural highlights using hair that’s 2 to 3 shades lighter than your main color. This will add dimensions to your hair style. Provide the color hairstyle that you want to your stylist at the time of your appointment to ensure complete satisfaction. Tiffany J’s House of trends carries all lengths and colors so that you won’t have to worry about the selection at the time of your appointment.

Wearing a custom unit wig allows for style diversity. Your hair gets to relax from styling and chemical processing. Wearing a wig is essentially maintenance free as long as you care for it like your own hair. Most wig styles will hold longer under weather changes.

Prices for Sensationell Cello 100% Luxurious Remy varies from $200-$60.00. This price varies and does not include tax and shipping.

Stylist: Tiffany Jones
Model: Tiffany
Make Up: Tiffany

Here’s a quick tip from Tiffany Jones of Tiffany J’s House of Trends in regards to styling your custom unit wig after you leave the beauty salon. She suggests that you use a  two inch curling iron or flat iron and curl the hair away from the face to create loose spirals and large voluptuous barrel curls to frame the face. Curl the rest of the hair in the same manner and gently comb out the hair with a wide tooth comb to create soft waves. For nightly maintenance of your custom unit wig she suggests that you pin curl your hair and secure it with bobby pins, then wrap your head with a silk scarf. If you are not comfortable with sleeping in your custom unit wig, then just gently remove the wig and place on a mannequin head. You can still pin curl it. The next day when you take the pin curls out your volume in the curls should still be there.

Tiffany Jones recommends that styling product use at home should be used at a minimum and very sparingly so that you do not weigh down the hair.

Find a stylist in your local area like Tiffany Jones of Tiffany J’s House of Trends in Atlanta, GA that can create custom unit wig just for you. With your custom unit wig you can choose your favorite color and desired length. Most importantly the custom unit wig will be fitted to your head unlike a store bought wig that may or may not fit. In order to wear a wig confidently and it look natural it must also be comfortable.

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