Cute Short Curly Hairstyle with Hair Color from Kenya Young

Cute Short Curly Hairstyle

You might be worried about going short. But with this cut, you will get exactly what you need. Your days of searching for cute short curly hairstyles are over. They will all take a backseat to this ultra-fun cut.

If you love greens and yellows, then this is a great option for you. You will feel quite at home with a fiery mop of hair on the top of your head. The hair is shaved super close to the sides in order that you will get an elongating look. The volume at the top of the head is very flattering to the face. You will look taller and leaner. Of course, this is what every girl wants from a cut.

Salon: Young, Sassy & Unique Hair Salon
Stylist: Kenya Young
Model: Keisha
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Beautiful Low Maintenance Hairstyle

Your mornings of fighting your hair will be over. Instead you can just go with the natural flow of what your hair is doing for the day. It will help you greatly when it comes to mornings where everything seems to be going wrong. At least you know that your hair for that day, and the days to come, will be great.

Introducing Kenya Young from Young Sassy & Unique

Now that you have chosen this as your cut, you need to book in. Go to stylist Kenya Young at Young, Sassy & Unique in Durham, NC. The salon’s phone number is (919) 444-9089. Your experience with the team will be great and Kenya will get you looking how you need to be.

If you need sass and style, then you definitely want to get this do. You don’t need to worry about years of maintenance and stress. Just go short and be done with it. You will never want to go back from having less hair to take care of. It is the ultimate experience in low maintenance and high style wear. Make every day a fiery and fierce one to remember.

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