Short Curly Hairstyle for Black Women by Aniya Oden

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If you want a hairstyle that is extra stylish, just like you, then this is one of the best short curly hairstyles for black women. You will have a lot of curl in this cut, so get ready to enjoy the wave.

You might be a person who can never decide how to style their short hair. This cut is specifically designed so each piece and each layer can fold perfectly. It makes the cut extra ready to stand out in a crowd too. You will always look like you have done something nice with your hair that day.

Salon: Styles So Chic
Stylist: Aniya Oden
Model: Nanevea
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Short Curly Hairstyles for Black Women

This cut has great layering and is very flattering to the face. This is especially true if you have a naturally cute face. You can also put the product for curly hair into the cut and let it wave a bit naturally. The sideburns are cut to a point, which is sophisticated and helps to elongate the face. Short curly hairstyles for black women are some of the most fashionable and trend-setting today.

You can wear great make-up, long earrings, and chunky jewelry with this look and still not appear as though you are overdressed. That’s one of the great features of this short hair look.

Introducing Aniya Oden from Styles So Chic

Now that you know you need these short curly hairstyles for black women, you have to book in with the right stylist. Aniya Oden at the salon Styles So Chic Hair Salon in Raleigh, NC created this beautiful look. You can book in with her by appointment by calling (919) 532-9555. The friendly salon staff will get you ready to have an amazing experience.

If you want to look like the model, then you have to go to the person who created the look. And this stylist is just waiting for you to come in so she can recreate this cute short hair style. Book in today and start getting the experience you actually want from having a short haircut.

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