Dre’ Ramseur Blanton’s “Autumn Sunrise’ Long Hairstyle with Color

Salon: Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon
Hair Stylist: Dre’ Ramseur Blanton
Model: Sunshine

Sexy long hairstyles do more than turn heads. They demand attention from everyone in the room. This style has it all, including vibrant, rich hair color which is a delicious copper color that compliments just about any complexion.

Long hairstyles are definitely in, whether created with natural hair or a few extension pieces. First, begin with the right cut. Your hair should be shoulder length with bangs that fall close to the brow line. Use a curling iron to add the curls to straight hair. Part the hair on one side. Sweep the hair and bangs back to one side. You are only going to curl the bottom of the hair only in a spiral style. Let the hair cool. Play with the curls and arrange them in a loose fashion to your satisfaction.

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