The New UniversalSalons.Com Redesigned with You in Mind!!!

Look no farther for black hairstyles than! Our completely redesigned website has many new features that are sure to wow you, almost as much as our hairstyles do. 

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Mobile Version

Looking for a new hairstyle on the go? We’ve got you covered there. Our new mobile version makes it easy for you to view our offerings wherever your busy life takes you. Finally! Something convenient in your life!

Personalized Homepage Icons
Now every hairstylist that uses our page can have a link directly to their own website. This makes tracking down your hair stylist a chore no more. Plus, since you can get right to their site, you can contact them faster too, just to be sure you get that appointment that you need. 

Online Appointment Setting
Looking for something easier than a phone call to your stylist? No problem there either. With the site’s new online appointment setting, you can reach your stylist in a way you never thought possible. Book online today!

Stylist Blogs 
Each stylist tells a story. Each salon has a culture of its own. Now you can find out ahead of time what you are walking into. Now, you can read about your stylist directly from them. Our new site offers each stylist the ability to upkeep a blog so they can tell you all about themselves and what’s new at their salon. This is especially helpful when you are seeking a new salon. 

Editing Control
Since the hairstylists are given simple editing control, you don’t have to worry about their information being up to date anymore. It will be such a low hassle to change that contact information or pricing right there on the site. And stylists running a new deal? Yes! I want to hear about that. The easy editing controls will make that possible.

Variety of Images
Your hair stylist will have the ability to post their latest and greatest hairstyles right on our website. The ability to see what you want ahead of time, or maybe even what you don’t want, will make it easier to pick and choose your black hairstyles hat will make you happy!

Geo Tagging and Social Plug-ins
Find your local hairstylist near you. You may even be able to locate one that is right around the corner from you! We live in a world of social media and your hair stylists are there with you. Now you can reach out to them too. 

The redesigned website is sure to have you styled and ready to go. We will see you there! 

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