Dudley’s Celebrates 50 Years of Excellent Education

Brochure for 50th Dudley EMSEditor’s Note: UniversalSalons.Com got its start as a production team member at Dudley Products and Dudley Cosmetology University. We were, without a doubt, one of the top sources of haircare education in the world. This was a time when individuals would work through the night creating new and innovative, trendsetting hairstyles techniques with some of the most talented cosmetologists in the country. The primary goal was always to create the better product. Our hair books had to be the best, our hair products had to work better than everybody else’s. This was a renaissance time in the cosmetology industry. Mr. and Mrs. Dudley were ALWAYS available to help you with any problem and they were happy to mentor any willing individual that showed interest, (myself for example). I was able to travel the world, photograph movie stars and heads of state working for Dudley’s. It’s where the dream of UniversalSalons.Com began. If you have dreams of taking your career in cosmetology to a whole new level, this is the seminar you need to be at.

50 years of quality products, incredible education and unforgettable relationships.  Dr. Joe L. Dudley, Sr. and Dr. Eunice M. Dudley founded the Dudley Brand in 1967. Today their oldest daughter Ursula Dudley Oglesby is President of Dudley Beauty Corp. LLC. Responsible for distributing the extensive line of over 300 professional, retail hair and personal care products directly to the cosmetologists, barbers and industry schools’ nationally as well as internationally. In Partnership with the Professional Cosmetologist is the slogan that the company is known for.  Dedicated to providing exceptional products, educational opportunities and customer service is the Dudley Difference.

Joe L. Dudley, Eunice Dudley and Ursula Dudley Oglesby

DCU and Dudley Beauty College Alumni, Beauty Professionals, Come Home to Dudley’s and celebrate 50 years of the Dudley Brand.  In September, Dudley’s will be blessed to be a part of the beauty industry for 50 years and they are honored and grateful to serve you, beauty industry professionals and consumers. Additionally, Dudley’s is also celebrating 25 years of Changing Lives By Changing Faces with Dudley Products Cosmetics. Come Home to experience top-notch education and to see your friends from years gone by at EMS 2017, September 23-25, 2017.  Experience the phenomenal Dudley Team and DCU graduates Patric Antonio Bradley, Micheline Barber, Rhonda Moffit also Tre Trimz all under one roof.  EMS2017 Attendees will have the pleasure of sessions with Beauty Industry Leaders, Award-Winning Trendsetters, and Renowned & Creatively-Gifted Artists as they share some of their coveted techniques and insights.

Make the decision today to change your life forever.  This is a once in a lifetime chance to be a part of history. Dudley’s hope is that you will grace them with your presence, but if not be part of the celebration through the 50th Anniversary Souvenir Book.  It will be an honor & a pleasure to see you in Winston Salem, NC, September 23-25 at EMS 2017. Come Home & Own Your Freedom: I Am I Can & I Will! For more information contact your local Dudley Distributor or call 888-873-8210 or follow the link.

 JOIN US ALL @ #EMS2017!

2017 Dudley EMS Educators



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