Baby Doll Bob Hairstyle from Brittany Woods-Brown

It can be difficult these days to findblack hairstyles for women. There are a lot of standard options, but of course people want to push the envelope a little further. It can be nice to have a weave or a wig, but there are styles that one can do with one’s natural black hair.

Of thebob hairstyles for black women, this one is cutting edge. It’s called theBaby Doll Bob Hairstyle from Brittany Woods-Brown. One can see at first glance that it’s not an ordinary bob. It has a very sleek back, that hangs straight. This will give the illusion that the hair is thicker and fuller than it already is. It also gives the appearance of length. The way the hair hangs, there is a slight angle to one side though. This is an edgy twist on a classic.

Hair: Brittany Woods-Brown / Salon: Salon Taylor’s / Make Up: Deirdre Clay / Model: Ciara


When looking at the front, the bangs are sleek. They are completely full, so there is no wispy fringe here. The sides come down a bit in a Farrah Fawcett way. This side progression gives a 70’s shout out to the cut. One can see that the face is completely framed.

This cut is great on any face type. Particularly, a wider face will look great with this cut. The face is really enclosed in bangs at the top, and no one will notice how wide the face is at the bottom. Also, the length is almost to the shoulders, giving an elongated feel to the face as well. Most classic bobs are a little bit shorter than this one unless a person gets a longer cut bob that was popular a few years ago. Jennifer Lawrence was among the celebrities to get this look. However, that type of bob is no longer cutting edge. Many people are looking for new styles to spice things up.

This hair can look particularly funky if a person gets a few streaks in the Baby Doll Bob. A person can choose to get blue or purple to blend in with the hair a bit. Or, another option is to get some rainbow colors all over the hair. This will be an excellent take on color trend that has been continuing the past couple of years. Or a person can lighten that up and get a plethora of pastel shades. This will be a unicorn theme, that will be nice to add some depth and dimensions to the hair.

This hairstyle is truly one that a person can make one’s own. It is not something that is seen on the street a lot yet. However, it has potential to really pick up fire. So a person should book in early to get this cut before it becomes viral. Of all thebob hairstyles for black women, this is one of the finest to come out of the look books yet. It will require little maintenance other than the initial chemical straightening. And a lady will look fierce or adorable depending on the outfit and make up look of the day.

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