Ear to Ear Lace Front Hairstyle from Tiffany Jones

There are many different types of lovely black hairstyles around today. Some are very short and sassy, while others are considered to be long and luxurious. Choosing the right hairstyle for an individual is normally based on personal choice and the hair stylist that is tasked with making it all happen. Therefore, people can pick and choose the type of hair style that will suit the occasion and the style that they like best.

With that being said, this luxurious hairstyle comes with many different added advantages since the stylist has created a long, full, and healthy looking style that any woman can wear to a night out on the town, a work picnic, church festivities, high school prom and many other special events. This is a style that can be worn at any time and in any place.

Salon: Tiffany Jae’s House of Trends
Hair Stylist: Tiffany Jones
Model: Jada
Make Up: Tiffany Jones

Created with Long Full Weave

As previously referenced, this long black hairstyle can be worn by virtually anyone who likes the style. It does not matter if they have short hair, mid-length or long hair, the hair stylist can duplicate it for women who want to change up or enhance their overall looks. One of the first requirements for this kind of style, however, for those who have short hair, is adding in weave in the right places. Because the length of this style flows all the way down the back to the hips, a little leave won’t do it since it will require a lot.

In addition to the long length that the model is sporting, it is important to note that there are characteristics that actually sets this style above other long hair styles. One in specific is the kind of weave used in its creation. Unlike low-quality hair that is used in the makeup of some weaves, the higher quality weave has been used in making this style look as smooth, silky and as tailored as possible. Meaning the look of the hair stylist has made the style look as natural as possible instead of synthetic.

Custom Hair Designs with Different Sizes and Ear to Ear Lace Frontal Technique

This hairstylist is also using the hair that she has available to her advantage since it has outstanding cut that complements the models face. With a long part on the right side that ends near the crown of the head, this style is made for both round and oval shape faces. It is also straight and smooth at the top that appears to slowly fall down into lightly woven curls. Meaning it can also be described as the ideal picturesque for anyone who is getting ready for their next memorable photo. With the expertise of this cosmetologist, women will have their choice, since she also provides an option for different sizes (i.e. 22″ and 24″). Also, for women who are looking for an all natural style that looks like the hair is coming from the scalp, she has used an ear to ear lace frontal technique that works well for the model that she has selected.


This is also a great style for people who enjoy the look of dark brown hair with a touch of brown streaks at the crown. So, for those of you who want a subtle color that simply complements their own style, this hair style could be just the one that you are looking for.

This beautiful, long, flowing black hairstyle was created by Atlanta, GA area cosmetologist Tiffany Jones. Tiffany is one of the most published hair stylist in the black hair industry. Her work is regularly featured in some of the largest black hair publications around the world. Give Tiffany a call at (404) 543-8382.

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