Ombre Custom Weave Hairstyle from Tiffany Jones

There are some hairstyles, in particular, that have been able to become the favorites among numerous women; take this hairstyle, which was created by hairstylist expert Tiffany Jones, for example. Due to it reflecting sophistication and glamour, many have been referring to it as a showstopper.

Ideal for Any Face Shape

There are some hairstyles that only go hand in hand with certain face shapes, but this one is universal. It can perfectly frame any face, which is why it keeps being requested at Tiffany Jae House of Trends located in Atlanta, Georgia. There are different elements that take to create it, which is why women opt to leave the process in the hands of hairstylist expert Tiffany Jones.
Ideal for Every Day

Salon: Tiffany Jae’s House of Trends
Hair Stylist: Tiffany Jones
Model: Edmesia
Make Up: Tiffany Jones

For this hairstyle, Ms. Jones went for some custom colors that consist of burgundy and pink splashes that are not overwhelming to the eye. It is straight but voluminous in the front with curls on the back, which balances everything out. A womanshould wantto stand out in a good way with her hairstyle, not overshadow one’s presence with it, which is something that often happens with other hairstyle units. The elements that are put into creating this hairstyle can last a long time if one takes the proper care of it. This style is often requested because it looks good at all hours and days of the week.

The 411 on Hairstylist Expert Tiffany Jones

At the age of 14, Tiffany Jones’ love for hair developed, watching her motherstyle her hair was something she enjoyed dearly. She has a cosmetology license from Georgia Career Institute. Due to her passion and dedication, in a short period of time, Ms. Jones has been able to boost her brand to unimaginable heights. This hairstylist expert has been published in several national magazines, including Sophisticate Black Hair and Hype Hair. Tiffany is sought after by numerous women, as they know that she always has unique hairstyle units that make one look gorgeous every day of the week.

There are some women who avoid getting hairstyles from hairstylist experts, as they believe it would be too expensive. This is true to some extent. There are definitely some salons that charge way too much, but there are others like Tiffany Jae House of Trends, that provide services at affordable prices. Plus, Tiffany Jones is always providing specials in order for every client to be able to have nice-lookinghair year-round. Ever since her hair salon was presented to the public, it has been able to obtain numerous of positive reviews, and it doesn’t appear that this is going to stop anytime soon. It has been regarded by customers as one of the best hair salons in Atlanta, Georgia.

Your Hairstyle Can Say More Than You Think about Your Persona

Hair is able to reflect a variety of different things about one’s persona. If a nice hairstyle is present, such as this one created by Ms. Jones, you can rest assured that you will be able to cause a good impression everywhere you opt to go!

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