Easy Ways to Get Maintain Long Naturally Curly Hair

When it comes to growing and maintaining natural hair, the main priority should always be preventing breakage. The shafts of natural hair are often brittle and fragile, making it too easy to cause damage. This fuels the myth that natural hair doesn’t grow.

Model With Long Natural Hair

If you want to grow your hair long while accentuating your curls, here are some helpful tips to guide the process.

Put in Protective Hairstyles

Protective hairstyles— like braids and twists— keep your ends safe from tangling and splitting. They’re also a great way to use extensions to get more length and try out some beautiful curly styles. In addition to tucking away the ends, these styles prevent the need for heat and chemical treatments.

Protective hairstyles don’t have to be boring. Visit a trusted stylist and have them put in goddess braids or Havana twists. You can also have tighter braids put in place for under a wig, (click to learn more).

Be sure to let your hair breathe by taking out the braids every six weeks. Don’t put the braids in too tight, or the tension can cause breakage and counteract the efforts you’re taking to protect your hair.

Do a Braid-Out at Night

Doing a braid-out at night is a protective style that creates beautiful curls the next day. Dampen your hair and nourish it with a leave-in conditioner. Divide your hair into sections and put in some braids, pinning them with a perm roller. You can contain your braids in a silk headwrap to prevent frizzing overnight. In the morning, take out the braids and detangle with your fingers for beautiful curls.

To maintain your curly locks, you can also “pineapple” your hair between washes. Plop your hair to the top of your head and secure it with a loose hair tie to keep your definition day after day.

Make Leave-In Conditioner Your Best Friend

If you want your hair to grow long while embracing your natural curls, leave-in conditioner will be your best friend. Invest in a high-quality leave-in conditioner that’s made for your hair type. Don’t default to oils and lotions as these can leave the hair heavy and ruin your definition.

Watch Your Wash-and-Go Process

The wash-and-go is tempting for busy mornings when you just don’t have it in you to style your hair. However, you need to be careful when doing a wash-and-go to ensure you don’t create any single-strand knots. Think of it this way: as your hair dries and kinks upward, it will sometimes wrap around itself.

To perfect your wash-and-go, take time to detangle your hair. Use a wide-tooth comb and start at the bottom, working upward toward the roots. Put the right products in for your hair to ensure it doesn’t catch as it dries. While it’s not as simple as a true wash-and-go, these simple steps will protect your hair and help you see more length over time.

Schedule Regular Trims

While it may seem counterintuitive, regular trims are a must for adding length to your hair. Products that say they can mend split ends are lying to you. While they may be able to temporarily bind split ends back together, the only way to prevent them from causing more damage is to trim them away.

Visit your stylist for a “dusting” every six weeks. This tiny trim just takes off the split ends without compromising your length. It may seem like your hair isn’t growing, but it’s just harder to see the length with curls. Be patient and proactive with your trims.

By using these helpful tips, you can help your naturally curly hair grow long and healthy.


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