Over 50 Black Hairstyles for Little Girls You Need to See

When you work with over 1000 professional hairstylists across the United States, you get to see large varieties of beautiful hairstyles in every genre and fashion. Professional hair salons are making new rules every day that push the boundaries of style and design. Kid’s hairstyles are no exception to this new trend. Trying to choose just the right new hairstyle for your little girl can be daunting with all the choices available. That’s why the editors at UniversalSalons.Com have compiled a list of over 50 black hairstyles for little girls. We combed through our library of over 5,000 black hairstyles and found these gems for your little girl. We hope you find something you like in our gallery. If so, call the professional hairstylist that created the look and give them the opportunity to create a cute hairstyle for your little girl.

01. Long, Curled Blow Out Hairstyle

This is a cute curled blow outlook for long hair. Your little one will be confident about going to school in this and all over town. It’s a classic look for a girl that wants to have manageable, grown out hair.

02. Elegant Updo with Soft Curls Black Hairstyles for Little Girls

The updo for a girl’s pictures or special occasion has some volume at the top of the ponytail. It looks good for a change of pace and the hair is nice and long for other styles. The length makes this one of the most versatile black hairstyles for little girls on the list.

03. Cute Tight Curls Hairstyle

These tight braids for short hair to the side are perfect for a funky looking child. The hairstyle has some sass and it also includes wonderful staying power. A paisley hair bow was added to give the look a splash of color.

04. Alluring Braids for Kids

If your little one is looking for great braids for kids’ hairstyles, Marquita Briggs from Alter Ego Hair Salon in Columbia, SC has created the look you need. The chunky braid updo for school will make your princess look like a queen. While there is some assembly necessary, your queen can sleep in this style for a lot of staying power.

05. Ponytail with Side Bangs Black Hairstyles for Little Girls

The straightened hair with side bangs has a lot of cute little curls. The pony and side bangs with the curl are just perfect to frame your mini me’s features. The long swoop of the bang adds a touch of sophistication to this hairstyle.

06. Braided Updo with Thick and Thin Braids

The braided updo for a girl piles high on the head. It alternates with thin and thick braids for extreme visual appeal. Plus, it’s really too sweet to resist getting for your girl at least once. Especially with the gold accent pieces strategically placed throughout the hairstyle.

07. Silk Press Natural Hairstyle

Bobs are some of the most popular black hairstyles for little girls. The cute classic bob that is silk pressed is guaranteed to impress. Curling it under before school makes sure that your little girl has a wonderful bob haircut. This is a great low maintenance hairstyle that looks good also.

08. Bob Hairstyle for Little Girls

The longer bob with red hair color for a girl has fantastic layering on the bottom. When your girl turns her head you will see the masterful cut feather out. There are soft curls at the bottom that help to magnify the movement of the hair.

09. Half Up Hairstyle with Zulu Knots

The intricate knots and half-up hair is perfect for a punky, funky girl. It brings out the cute in her features as well. All in all, it’s a hit. The half-up hairstyle features loose curls in the back and spikes at the top also.

10. Natural Curly Bob

This tight curly bob utilizes the natural curl pattern and brings it down to lay flat. It’s just a great style if you don’t want a lot of heat styling on your daughter’s hair as well. This is a carefree hairstyle that looks great also.

11. High Volume Bob Hairstyle for Little Girls

The high volume bob is also lightened for maximum effect. Get this cut for a girl who isn’t afraid of some volume and a little lightener. The hair is pulled out of the face and the entire style is full of high volume curls.

12. Kid’s Cornrow Braids Hairstyle

The braids and two side pigtail braids have an Egyptian throwback feel with the threading. Coral blue accents are woven into the hairstyle to add a little flair. They look polished and you can be sure that your daughter will love the extra finesse that the white thread adds to the style.

13. Check Out This Kids Hairstyle with Vibrant Hair Color

Having bright pink streaks and side bangs in this bob is a genuine confidence booster for your little one. Barrel curls are added to create movement. You can flip the hair out or in, it’s your choice, or rather, your daughter’s.

14. Cute Curly Bob That Frames the Face

All the curls with the cute bob make for a delightful face-framing look. You will see her looking extra happy when she knows that her hair looks just right. Adding a flower accent adds a splash of color also.

15. Cute Natural Hairstyle for Kids

Get a tight afro style when your little one is not afraid of her roots. She will be in touch with her culture and making a statement at school. Especially with the cornrows going up the left side. Also, the other kids will be wishing their hair looked just as funky.

16. Cornrows and Tight Curls Hairstyle

If your little girl has been begging you for something new, go with the cornrows, lightened hair, and tight curls that this look has to offer. add in a few fun accent pieces also. It’s a sweet look for a sweet little girl.

17. Long Silk Press Hairstyle

Having long hair with straightening will make your little one feel all grown up. This is a silk press hairstyle with soft curls at the end. Your little girl can have the look of a relaxed style without the chemical process.

18. Sophisticated Bob with Side Part

The sophisticated bob with style for a girl has a volume filled side part.

19. French Braid Bob Hairstyle

Here is a great idea for the placement of a french braid with a bob.

20. Long Silk Pressed Hairstyle with a Side Bang

The straightened bob and side bang gives a little a girl a glamorous appeal. The ends of the hair are beveled with a flat iron.

21. Tight Afro Curls

The tight afro curls for a girl that lay flat in a bob are ideal for a little girl that is always bouncing with joy. Be sure to use some type of daily moisturizer to keep your little girl’s hair hydrated.

22. Silk Press Hairstyle with Red Highlights

The eye-catching red highlights on a straightened and polished bob make for a girl that will be brimming with glee. A soft flat-ironed curl is added to the ends of the hair.

23. Cornrows for Little Girls

These cornrows for a little girl mean that she will always look put together in an instant. The hairstylist added sea shell accents at the ends to contrast the rigid lines of the cornrows.

24. Cornrows on the Side and Tight Curls

Having cornrows on one side and tight curls on the other means that your little one’s battle with bad hair is over. Make sure to use some type of glossing agent to get this shine.

25. Mid-Length Bob Hairstyles

The beautiful bob straightened with layering is an alluring look. This bob is all about the cut. The bang is swept off of the face to the right side. This is a very versatile hairstyle.

26. Cornrows Curly Bob Hairstyle

These cornrows and the curled bob make sure that your girl is never late for the school bus and certainly always looking fresh. Make sure to wrap your little girl’s hair every night to keep this hairstyle looking salon fresh.

27. Half Up Half Down with a Twist

Get a cute twist to the back of the hair in a half-up, half-down style. Any girl who loves straightened, long hair will love this look. This is a great look for little girls with longer hair.

28. Pink Sensation Kid’s Hairstyle

You can give your daughter this dyed and light pink highlighted hair. The sleek straightened bob works whenever you want to treat your girl to a really special look. A flat iron was used to create a wispy curl in the bang area.

29. Curly Mohawk Updo Black Hairstyles for Little Girls

The sleek sides and afro curls piled high to indicate that adventurous looks are your daughter’s forte. This bold faux hawk hairstyle is a fun updo that will showcase your little girl’s confidence.

30. Thick Chunky Braids

When she wants a beautiful thick chunky braid with a bow, your young one can have this look. The braid will be the central piece of her hairstyle. Each braid flows up to a long, braided ponytail with red and black bows.

31. Long Kids Braided Hairstyle

Having cornrows with braids piled high in a tie might be the hairstyle that your daughter wants. Thankfully this style always looks seamlessly put together.

32. Cornrows and a Braided Twist

The cornrows and a braided twist gives a sophisticated yet playful look. Venturing out and trying new things will help your little girl to feel confident in her style. The cornrows are pulled up into a high-top ponytail.

33. Pigtail Braids

The pigtail braids on a little girl are a great way to get used to doing one’s hair in the morning. The zig-zag part also adds some visual interest. Add hair bows to each braid for a fun feel.

34. Curly Bob Hairstyle

A curled hair bob with some lift never hurt anyone. This style looks very artistic and is imperative to a good style.

35. Cornrow Braid with Afro Ponytail

The unique cornrow braid top pattern paired with an afro curl ponytail gives a sassy and sweet signature look. There’s little assembly required for it as well on school mornings.

36. Short Twists for Kids Hairstyle

These cute twists on super short hair are a classy way to keep short hair. They look a little more unique than classic braids, which is a plus. Your little girl will love this look.

37. Cascading Curls Ponytail

The gorgeous cascading curl ponytail is too sweet. This is for a little girl who likes to always look put together. She will want to maintain her curls every day for maximum effect.

38. French Braid Cornrows Hairstyle

The unique french braid cornrows and ponytail have a fascinating parting to them. Ultimately, a little girl will look like she spent hours on her hair when it’s really a getup and go idea.

39. Mid-Length Curled Bob Hairstyle

The cute curled bob makes for a different approach to managing medium length hair.

40. Curled Side Ponytail Black Hairstyles for Little Girls

The curled side ponytail and cornrows are extra special. This look has a braid pattern that differentiates it from the bunch. The look incorporates an intricate cornrow pattern and a curly side part.

41. Elegant Kid’s Natural Locs Hairstyle

These cute twists on short hair are fetching and make for a playful arrangement. If you show this picture to your daughter and she is begging to get it, then you know you’ve found the one.

42. Regal Braided Updo

The stunning braided updo with a crown looks great paired with bows or a crown. If you have a special occasion for your daughter coming up, then you might want to get this particular look. It’s great after as well as you can redo the look for daytime use or take the braids down.

43. Silk Press Bang With an Afro Ponytail

If she wants straightened hair mixed with an ultra volume ponytail, then she’s going to have to be willing to go full afro. This is one of the more voluminous looks for little girls that are out there.

44. Classic Afro With a Braid in Front

The afro hair with a bow is for a girl who is not afraid to show some culture. You will get volume and also one happy little girl. No more fights with the hairbrush in the morning are a bonus for mom and dad.

45. Pigtail Twists With Flared Out Pom Poms

This kid’s hairstyle is an improved version of the classic pigtail ponytail. It carries with it a touch of class and style allowing the kid to appear well put together and very confident. The unique pigtail twists with yellow hair clip-ins have flared out pom pom flower hair. One little girl is going to be all too happy to have her dream look. She even will get to put in the funky colors.

46. French Braids Hairstyle

The French braid hair pulled back is all too put together. There are no messy strands sticking out and no fuss, no muss. We all should be so lucky to have such a great updo that still looks very feminine.

47. Bob Haircuts With Layers

The bob with a mix of curls and straightened hair makes for a nice layered cut. It has a sense of ease in it as well. You will easily be able to convince your daughter that this is a cut worth getting.

48. Pom Pom Pigtail Twists Black Hairstyles for Little Girls

The pom pom pigtail twists look cheery and bright. They will also accentuate your little one’s cheekbones. This is all the more reason for her to be grinning on the playground.

49. Cornrows With a Curled Bun

The perfect cornrows with a curled bun make for an absolute masterpiece. You will want your daughter to get this look just because it looks so darn cute. The fun curls in the top are a great contrast to the sequential lines of the braids.

50. Updo With Beautiful Curls

An updo with nice curls is always a splendid treat. You can even let your little one wear dangly earrings like the model for an extra chic day. This is a perfect hairstyle for those formal family events.

51. Cornrows With Two Curled Pig Tails

The cornrows with two curled pigtails are a look that is out of the everyday. If your daughter wants something with just a bit of a kick, then get this one. She will love it when you curl her hair in the morning for school.

52. Intricate Cornrows Designs

The cornrow patterning with a curled back swept up is such an intricate design. You can still wear this for school days as well. The beads are a unique touch.

53. Cornrows and Curled Ponytail

These cornrows with classic curled ponytail and ribbon are oh so loveable. You can’t find anything better than a sweet effect like this. You will be lucky too if your daughter chooses this look because it’s so low maintenance.

54. Curly Bun Black Hairstyles for Little Girls

The little bunches of curls mean that you can have your little bundle of joy wears little piles of curls framing her cute face. This look works well for a little one that needs a few adorable curly buns.

55. Sleek Straight Ponytail Black Hairstyles for Little Girls

The dream ponytail with straightened hair is certainly something any little girl will dream of. She will look sweet on the playground with her straight hair. You will love just putting it up in a ponytail every morning.

56. Afro Curl Ponytail

The afro curl on the top in a pony is definitely something that you can admire. It brings out a girl’s naturally pretty features as well.

57. Curly Updo Black Hairstyles for Little Girls

This curled updo for a special occasion is something that everyone can really look upon fondly. It has attention to detail but your daughter will be able to wear it comfortably.

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