Edgy Short Hairstyle for Black Women from Rose Mz. Magic Wand

If you have a cute face and want to accentuate it, then this is the style for you. You will look ultra-gorgeous with this taper platinum blond cut. Add in the bonded weave extensions in blush pink and you are good to go with this short hairstyle for black women.

Salon: Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co.
Stylist: Rose Mz. Magic Wand
Model: Shawna
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Cute Short Hairstyle for Black Women

The wave is soft dry wave curls that are done on the side of the head. It gives the look a feminine appeal. The dichotomy of colors makes the cut and color look trendy. You will be ready to go for a night on the town. You can wear this look for the office as well. Additionally, this is a great change of pace for a vacation or the change of seasons.

Introducing Rose Mz. Magic Wand from Ms. Magic Wand Hair Co.

If you have decided that you must have the cut and color that model Shauna is wearing, then you must go to Rose of Mz. Magic Wand Hair Co. Salon. It is located at 3056 Anvil Block Rd. in Ellenwood, GA. You can also give Rose a call at (770) 330-9288 to book an appointment through the friendly receptionist.

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Not all short hair cuts are created the same. This one gives a cute aesthetic that is also slightly edgy. You will want to get out your leather jacket and rock the look. You might also find that you love the low maintenance appeal of this short hairstyle for black women. The waves will take no time at all to master with the tutorial that Rose will give you.

 You can look and feel your best with the right haircut. This is the look you need to get to stay on top of your fashion game and be the center of attention at the same time.

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