Shaved Hairstyle with Designs and Rainbow Hair Color from Jennifer Nealy

Introducing Jennifer Nealy from Hair Favor Salon in Greensboro, NC

When it comes to beautiful hair, this is about as pastel laden and easy as it gets. Jennifer Neely at Hair Favor in Greensboro, NC is the master of this shaved hairstyle with designs and rainbow hair color. If you want to book in a visit, just call336-423-6396 today. The salon is located at 2729 Battleground Ave.

Hair: Jennifer Nealy
Salon: Hair Favor
Mode: Naudia
Make Up: Queen Combs

 Naudia, the model pictured here, has a brush cut. The result is a simply stunning light, short haircut for women. Then, add in the colors of mermaid blue, magenta, orange, and yellow with a little spot of purple rain, and you have a look made in heaven. That is, of course, if they have pastel hair in heaven.

Shaved Hairstyle with Designs and Rainbow Hair Color

This high lift fashion color with designs on the side will have you turning heads in the streets. It’s for any women today that likes to wear short, easy, wash and go styles. And someone who has an off the charts fashion sense. You will have to get used to people complimenting your hair. It will be the first thing about you that they notice.

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When you book an appointment, expect a two-step process. First, you will need to have your hair lifted to get it platinum. Depending on the condition of your hair, your stylist might book you in a week later for the deposit of color. This part is done with temporary color that is semi-permanent. The color will fade, but you can book in again for the look if this is something that you want year-round.

The hair is simple to maintain at home with a sulfate free shampoo and sulfate free conditioner. After washing, you can put in some moisturizer and oil. Then you brush and go. Nothing can be more freeing than having a brush cut. But when you add in the color, you will simply shine.

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