Eggplant Patra Long Braids Hairstyle from Shontelise Crutch

Salon: Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio
Stylist: Latoya Brown
Model: Shontelise
Make Up: Deirdre Clay


The wonderful Eggplant Patra Long Braids hairstyle was created by a talented hairstylist, Latoya Brown from Fabstylez Hair and Braid Studio in Columbia, South Carolina. This is actually one of those very timeless black hairstyles that fit different occasions. The fact is that braids are here to stay. However, a lot of women like to jazz up the hair color, while keeping it in the category of one of those natural hairstyles many women are starting to prefer over chemically treated hair.

Braids Directions
We live in an era that is filled with very innovative black hairstyles. Still, the natural hairstyles receive top billing. This hairstyle is gorgeous and requires a professional touch. However, some might like to try creating this glamorous look at home. First, it is important to start with freshly shampooed and conditioned hair. Gather together the tools required to create this fabulous look. I suggest purchasing bulk natural textured loose hair suitable for braiding that is available at local beauty supply shops. Try to closely match your unique hair texture. Select natural hair that is already colored or try to add a fascinating hair color to the natural hair. This braided style is a gorgeous eggplant hair color. The tools required are hair clips, hair pins, natural bulk hair, comb, hair sheen, hair spray, and a hand held blow dryer.

Step One – Blow dry your own natural hair after shampooing and conditioning. Section the hair into top, two sides, and bottom with the hair clips. Take a look at the pattern on the model. The pattern is actually very random. Start braiding the hair at the front in long loose braids. Grab a small section of your hair and take a bit of the bulk hair, fold bulk hair in half, grab your hair. Now, you should have 3 pieces of hair to braid. Braid the bulk hair into your natural hair, starting at the roots to the end.

Step Two – Keep working around your entire head in this same fashion, until the entire head of hair is braided. Style the finished hair like the model’s hair. Simply fold the braids over to one side of the head. Pin the braids in place with hair pins or bobby pins and let them fall freely around the side of the face. Don’t be afraid to work your hands into the braids and arrange them in a suitable way.

Step Three – Spray the finished braids with a moisturizing hair sheen or hair spray. Always cover the braids with a silk cap at night to keep natural hair styles looking fabulous. Do you like this look? For more information about hot new black hairstyles or to get this look, contact Latoya Brown at Fabstylez Hair & Braid Studio in Columbia, SC. Phone number (803) 772-7287.

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