Trendsetting Salons in Laurel, MD Showcase New Hairstyles

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Not far from this nation’s capital is the beautiful suburban city of Laurel, Maryland. Laurel is located halfway between Washington, DC and the city of Baltimore. This area is full of trendsetting artist in the cosmetology industry. Recently three such hair stylists who are experts and specializing in Black Hairstyles participated in a professional hair salon photo shoot with UniversalSalons.Com. Universal Salons are specifically designed to create high quality images of hairstyles to be used in marketing campaigns for the participating hair salons. Universal Salons goes the extra step and uses our vast, long standing relationships with some of the largest hair publications in the United States to promote and distribute images from these photo shoots.
The three participating hair salons are Lady Styles Hair Designs located at 13600 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 112, Hairsollutionzbyapryl, 13600 Baltimore Avenue, Suite 120 and A Lady Becoming Hair Salon located at 13600 Baltimore Ave. , Suite 122. Some of these black hair salons have already been featured in some of the most respected black hair publications like Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. Check out these beautiful, new trendsetting hairstyles just released from the salons listed above.

Lady Styles Hair Designs

The first set of hairstyles are from Temi Roberts. Temi is a professional cosmetologist and the owner of Lady Styles Hair Designs. In these two hairstyles, Temi is showcasing her talent as a Natural hair expert. Don’t be mistaken that this is her only talent though. Temi will be more than happy to create whatever look you desire. Give her a call at (704) 252-1312 to make your next appointment or to ask any questions.

Flat Twist Natural Ponytail Hairstyle

This Natural Hairstyle adds twist and hair color with extensions to create a versatile ponytail that is acceptable for any occasion.

Natural Extensions with Cornrows

These natural extensions with cornrows will help you add volume or length to your natural hair. Protective styling with braids and synthetic hair can be a hit or miss but you will never go wrong with cornrows.


Apryl McAbee shows us her versatility with these four black hairstyles ranging from a short haircut to Natural Braids, to a funky Mohawk, to long flowing hair extensions. Apryl is the owner of Hairsollutionzbyapryl and she would love to create your next signature hairstyle. Give her a call at (240) 586-4094 to make your next hair appointment. Check out Apryl’s hair gallery below…

“Purple Hawk” Mohawk Updo Hairstyle

This Mohawk is very striking indeed, particularly when viewed from the side, when you can see how high the middle hair is in relation to that on the sides. The purple hair color adds a special touch of pizzaz.

Short & Sassy Haircut

This hairstyle looks uneven from the front, with the hair coming down over the eye on one side. The versatility of the haircut give the client endless options whether styling for work or play.

Fire Goddess Braided Mohawk Hairstyle

“The Fire Goddess Braided Mohawk Hairstyle” incorporates a simple well designed updo, that highlights this particular black hair style. Now the hair color is taken to another level, because it is accentuated with precision braiding and weaving.

Flawless Curls Long Hair Extensions

This black hairstyle gives the client an undeniably chic look. Adding curls to your long hair extensions makes it feel more attractive and put together. Even though these particular long hair extensions are 100% human hair, we avoid heat styling because it can cause damage.

A Lady Becoming Hair Salon

Ebony Curtis is the owner and cosmetologist at A Lady Becoming Hair Salon. Ebony’s work has been featured in many publications over the years. She was just featured in the June / July 2015 issue of Sophisticates Black Hair Styles and Care Guide. In her most recent hairstyles release, Ebony showcases a wide range of curly, tapered looks. Feel free to give Ebony a call at (757) 234-1094 to make your next appointment or receive your first consultation.

Short Spiral Set Hairstyle

This curly updo adds hair color to a compliment of tight curls in order to create this look. The sides are left short and pulled to the top. The final do forms a circular bulk at the middle.

Short Mohawk Hairstyle

This short Mohawk Hairstyle is completely and effortlessly stands out in a crowd. As a short hairstyle, the Mohawk has been worn by women from all around the world, from celebrities, to working moms or even teenagers.

Short Hairstyle with Highlights

The hair is short with more weight on the right side. The ear on the right side is hidden in hair while the other is exposed. When cutting, shave the neck up to a point slightly below the position of the ears, with the remaining hair forming a circular boundary.

“Mohawk Funk” Natural Updo Hairstyle

This Mohawk Funk is one of those natural black hairstyles or kid’s hairstyles that is easy to maintain with a few styling tools and the right products. This is actually a modified Mohawk. Hair is not trimmed or shaved on the sides

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