Elegant Bob Hairstyle for Black Women by Deedra Mcleod in Hartsville, SC


November / 2019

Elegant Bob Hairstyle for Black Women by Deedra Mcleod in Hartsville, SC


Bob hairstyles have always made a fashion statement. They are the go-to look for women who want a trendy hairstyle that will look good at the office as well as a night on the town also. African American women have sported bob hairstyles since the early 1900’s in the days of business icon Madame CJ Walker. Hartsville, SC professional hairstylist Deedra Mcleod takes bobs to a new level with this elegant bob hairstyle for black women with a vibrant crimson red hair color and feathered curls in the bang and around the sides. This look is bold and yet sophisticated. Deedra created a soft attention getter that will ensure her client is the fashion standard at any event she attends.

Elegant Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

Bob hairstyles are usually precision haircuts at around the jaw level and cut around the client’s head. Bobs can be blunt cut, which keeps an even level all the way around. They can also be asymmetric which keeps the hair around the jaw level in the front and tapers upward closer to the nape in the back. Deedra kept her client’s hair length uniform all the way around and even created a bang area in the front.

Along with the precision haircut, Deedra added crimson red highlights throughout the hairstyle. The red hair color helps to add definition and showcase movement. The movement is created by some well-placed feathered curls in the bang and around one side. When it is all put together you have a cosmopolitan look that is timeless and trendsetting at the same time.

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Easy At-Home Maintenance

Deedra Mcleod ensured that her clients would have no problem taking care of this elegant bob hairstyle for black women when they got home also. Because of the way the hair was cut, all the client must do is pin the hair back at night and wrap their hair with a silk cloth. With proper care, Deedra says this hairstyle should last for about two to three weeks also.

Introducing Deedra Mcleod from Beautiful U Hair Salon in Hartsville, SC

Deedra Mcleod is a professional hairstylist, salon owner and motivational speaker. If you love to thumb through the pages of black hair magazines, then there is no doubt that you have seen some of the glamourous hairstyles Deedra has created in the past. Her work is regularly featured in prestigious publications like Hype Hair and Sophisticate’s Black Hair Styles and Care Guide also.

Deedra is the owner of Beautiful U Hair Salon. The salon is located at 144 Marlboro Ave, in Hartsville SC. The salon is known as much for its positive Christian atmosphere as it is for the trendsetting hairstyles all the talented staff produce. Deedra would love to create an elegant bob hairstyle for black women for you. Stop by the hair salon or give her a call at (843) 383-9122. Let Deedra Mcleod and the professional staff at Beautiful U Hair Salon in Hartsville, SC create your next signature hairstyle.

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