Cute Quick Weave Pixie Haircut from DeVante’ Brassley Green in Irmo, SC

If you are ever in the Columbia, SC area and have an event to attend where you just must be the highlight of the event, make sure you give DeVante’ Brasley-Green a call. DeVante’ is a professional hairstylist located at Prostyles Barbershop and Salon in Irmo, SC. He’s the talented individual that created this short, platinum blonde quick weave pixie haircut. To give the hairstyle a little more flash, DeVante’ added some crimson red hair color in the very front. The bold red is a great compliment to the bright platinum blonde hair color seen throughout the rest of the hairstyle. When you are attending an event and you most definitely need to be noticed, this cute quick weave pixie haircut is exactly what you need. Treat yourself to the professional services of Devante’ Brasley-Green and let him create a bold, vibrant quick weave hairstyle just for you.

Platinum Blonde Quick Weave Pixie Haircut with a Splash of Crimson Red

DeVante’ Brasley-Green created this showstopping quick weave hairstyle using various shades of blonde and red human hair color. After professionally installing the hair additions, DeVante’ applied a precision haircut to his client. The combination of the quick weave installation and the precision pixie haircut make this hairstyle a must-have. It’s for any person who needs to stand out at any event they may be attending.

Short hairstyles like this announce to the world that you are courageous with confidence to spare. Pixies also denote a playfulness that compliments that courage. Needless to say, this hairstyle will announce to the world that you are in control of your own destiny. It says you’re having the time of your life.

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Quick Weave Hairstyle Can Be Used to Protect Your Hair

One of the many benefits of sporting a quick weave haircut like the one created here by DeVante’ Brasley-Green from Prostyles Barbershop and Salon in Irmo, SC is the protections quick weaves give your own hair. If the quick weave is installed professionally, it will protect the client’s own hair from the harsh environment our hair goes through on a daily basis.

Whether the hair is molded or braided underneath the hairstyle, DeVante will ensure that his client’s hair and their scalp are properly hydrated to prevent flaking and breakage. Along with a proper installation, it’s very important to keep your hair and scalp clean and hydrated as you wear this quick weave pixie haircut also.

Introducing DeVante’ Brasley-Green from Prostyles Barbershop and Salon in Irmo, SC

DeVante Brasley-Green is a professional hairstylist. His work has been featured in the largest black hair publications in the United States. He has a reputation for creating trendsetting hairstyles that showcase his clients’ natural beauty also. A spot on DeVante’s appointment calendar is in high demand. This is because of his professional techniques and a keen eye for detail. Stop by Prostyles Barbershop and Salon at 7241 Broad River Rd., in Irmo, SC. You can also give DeVante’ a call at (803) 295-7144.

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