Elegant, Pixie Hairstyle with Pin Curls and Hair Color from Booh Weave

You may believe that short natural hairstyles were limited in their versatility. Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA is going to show you the light. Booh created this elegant, short pixie hairstyle with pin curls and hair color. Natural hairstyles and health hair are increasing in prominence in the black hair industry. Booh shows us how to keep the hairstyle healthy while showcasing some of the most trendsetting hair style techniques also.


Salon: Hair ER Salon
Stylist:Booh Weave
Model: Raven
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Short Pixie Haircut with Pin Curls

This look was created by first giving the model a precision haircut into a pixie style. This is a great idea as it shows off the model’s natural features. Booh also pressed the model’s natural hair and added pin curls in the top and soft curls around the sides. This gives this short pixie hairstyle with pin curls and hair color body. To finish off the look, Booh Weave added a custom hair color technique with different red hues for highlights and lowlights. The hair color helps to bring out the definition in this intricate hairstyle. The model can keep this hairstyle looking salon fresh for a couple of weeks by using a daily moisturizer and wrapping her hair with a satin bonnet every night.

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Introducing Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA

Booh Weave is a professional hair stylist whose work has been featured in some of the largest black hair publications in the US. Booh is proficient in both natural and commercial, quick weave hairstyles. With her large clientele, it may be a challenge to get on her appointment book, but it will be well worth the effort. When you’re ready to change up your hairstyle routine, give Booh Weave at Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA a call at (404) 729-3684.


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