Pretty Pixie Hairstyle with Soft Curls from Booh Weave

Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA created this pretty pixie hairstyle with soft curls. With a precision haircut that plays on the model’s features, this look is designed to be a showstopper. This hairstyle includes a side part also, to move the soft curls off the face. The curls can be created using a small marcel or chi iron.  Pixie hairstyles are designed to convey fun, and flintiness and this look from Booh Weave delivers. This hairstyle will be an attention getter in the office or a night on the town also. Booh Weave has taken the idea of a pixie haircut to another level with the addition of the soft curls and side part.


Salon: Hair ER Salon
Stylist: Booh Weave
Model: Brittany 
Make Up: Enrika Wilds

Pixie Hairstyles

Pixie hairstyles are designed to be low maintenance. They were created with the active lady in mind who may not have the schedule for rigorous, time consuming, haircare routines that most trendsetting hairstyles come with. With a pixie hairstyle, you can literally just get up and go with little to no effort. Booh does recommend using a daily moisturizer and wrapping the hairstyle with a satin bonnet at night, to ensure you keep that, just out of the hair salon look as a result. Booh says that with proper care, this pixie hairstyle with soft curls could last two weeks before the model would need to come back in for servicing.

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Introducing Booh Weave from Hair ER Salon in Decatur, GA

Booh Weave is a professional hair stylist and salon owner. She is located at Hair ER Salon, 5005 Snap Fingerwood Drive in Decatur, GA. She is a nationally published cosmetologist who is recognized as a leader in the black haircare industry also. When you’re ready to get a little more attention everywhere you go, give Booh Weave a call at (404) 729-3684, and she’ll be happy to create your next signature hairstyle.


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