Exquisite Styles by Nancy Releases A New Hair Style Collection

Black hair styles are done right at professional hair salon “Exquisite Styles by Nancy”. Located in Goose Creek, South Carolina, Nancy Dwight has released a new style collection with head-turning hair styles. Her professional hair salon up dos, long hair, short hair styles. Nancy Dwight displays her gorgeous works of art online in a black hair styles gallery.

Model Fleshia D. shows off a red carpet up do with glistening black tresses gathered into a beautiful bun. Ms. Dwight does it right with her client, and Fleshia compliments the style with ease. The hair extensions that she sports are natural and lovely with a full body and deep color. The intricate style of Fleshia’s hair was obviously done with a lot of care.

Another model, Woolite V., shows just how beautiful long hair can frame a face. Nancy Dwight has created a style of flowing locks that delicately fall past Woolite’s shoulders. Of course, the hair extensions used are of the highest caliber, as Exquisite Styles wants to make sure that the client is happy. Woolite’s hair looks beautiful and natural, ensuring that she’ll leave the hair salon feeling like she can take on the world!

Short hair is great and the proper style can make it give a bold statement! Kendra T. models the “edgy diva” look with grace and power. Summer months are even better with the wind one your neck and a fierce style done by Nancy Dwight. Wanting to further promote client satisfaction, the professional hair salon even offers tips and instructions on how to make your hair just this fabulous at home.

Nancy Dwight has model Sabrina D. showing a smoking and sexy up do. With a slim and sleek braid complimenting the up do, any date can be made just that much better. Sabrina looks ready to take on any man thrown her way, with her gorgeous curls on top portraying her sexy side.

Ms. Dwight has a plethora of other black hair styles and along with her talented salon, she’s bound to find just the right style and look that you are looking for.

Exquisite Styles By Nancy
220 Red Bank Road
Unit 1
Goose Creek, SC  29445
Phone: (843) 460-5887

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  1. Looking for nice updo for upcoming wedding like what I see thus far but would like to view more is there another site for me to see more of your styles


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