The Hot New Hair Styles for Summer 2012 Are Here from Fayetteville NC L3 Salon

Denise-Granberry06012012-(4)Do you want a brand new hair style for Summer 2012? The new hair styles from L3 Salon are here. Take a look around and see what the top Fayetteville NC hair salon is offering.

You will find the new hair styles available from L3 Salon are just what you are looking for. You might want a style with longer curls for a softer romantic air. You might want an asymmetrical style that comes longer on the right side than the left. You might want a style that combines a high up-do with some coming down in back. Short hair is not left behind with nice crops and style to make you look good throughout the summer months. These are just three of the options available in our 2012 collection.

As the top Fayetteville NC hair salon, L3 is here to help you find the style to make your summer rock. Warm summer months offer you the chance to explore new style options. When you are wearing a light summer dress, do you want a softer hair style or one with an edge? Summer is a great time to experiment with hair styles. With our 2012 collection, you will find a new style to make your summer extra special.

You can reach the talented cosmetologist at L3 Salon here…

L 3 Salon
410 N. Lillington Hwy 10
Spring Lake, NC  28303
Phone: (832) 660-7975




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