Fantastic Long Curly Ponytail Hairstyle from Carla Harris in Columbia, SC

One of the easiest ways to change your total look from day to night is to add a slick ponytail extension. Carla Harris, a professional hairstylist at Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC takes the ponytail to new levels with this long curly ponytail hairstyle. Carla used a pin-up technique to add the human hair extensions needed to create this look. She also chose to use pre-colored hair extensions that would help to add definition to the style. The combination of the long human hair extensions, the beautiful drop curls throughout the ponytail, and the hair color create a stunning ponytail hairstyle that will move and bounce wherever the client goes.

Salon: Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs
Stylist: Carla Harris
Model: LaShaun
Makeup: Carla Harris

Long Curly Ponytail Hairstyle

This pony gets started with an excellent grade of human hair extensions. Carla Harris, the professional hairstylist that created this elegant look, carefully chose hair extensions that would specifically match her client’s own hair. After pulling her client’s hair to the back, Carla added the long curly ponytail using a pin-up technique. Carla made sure to properly secure the curly ponytail to her client’s hair. Because of her professional techniques, this client can rest assured that they will be able to live their life in their own way, without fear that her curly ponytail will fall out of place.

Along with the hair extensions, Carla Harris used hair and scalp moisturizers to ensure that her client’s hair will stay healthy throughout the styling process as well while they wear the style.

At-Home Maintenance

Carla Harris has made it super-simple for her client to properly maintain this long curly ponytail hairstyle at home. Because of the expert hairstyling techniques Carla used, her client only needs to use a daily moisturizer on their hair and scalp. She recommends the use of a silk or satin scarf or bonnet every night to help retain that moisture. These two simple steps will keep your hair looking salon fresh for about two weeks.

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Introducing Carla Harris from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC

Carla Harris is a nationally published professional hairstylist who specializes in the most trendsetting black hairstyles and techniques in the industry today. She is located at Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs. Carla has gained a national reputation for her incredible eye for detail and her passion for the black hair industry. This long curly ponytail hairstyle is a perfect example of Carla’s love for what she does also. From the beautiful drop curls to the perfect hair color selection, Carla paid special attention to every detail. She does this for all her clients.

Come by Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs, located at 320 Oak Manor Dr., in Columbia, SC. You can also give Carla a call at (803) 743-5167. Let Carla Harris create your next signature hairstyle.

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