Natural Hairstyle with Hair Color from Ursula Kershaw in Charleston, SC

Black hairstyles come and go. However, natural hairstyles are here to stay. The modern-day black woman would like to say goodbye to all the chemical processing and hair weaves. Thus, giving the natural hair a chance to rest. Natural hairstyles are really beautiful with a simple hair color boost to jazz up the look. Check out this style that was created by Ursula Kershaw from The Studio in North Charleston, SC hair salons. Contact them at the phone number (843) 364-4049.

Salon: The Studio
Stylist: Ursula Kershaw
Model: Lisa
Makeup: Tierra Nichole


Natural Hairstyle with Hair Color

Certainly, wearing the hair in its natural state is one of those trendy black hairstyles sweeping across the country. First, it is important to make sure that your hair is in reasonably good condition before coloring. Don’t go too drastic. This might result in breakage or other damage to the natural hair. Instead, stay within your color range to avoid damage. Often, some women go too drastic and are very upset at the hair color change. Here is an idea. Use a temporary hair color spray that is available at a local hair and beauty supply shop or ask your hairdresser to apply a temporary color. Remember, to take the time to trim the hair or to get a professional haircut.

Step 1
Gather together the items that are required for the natural hairstyles and hair color creation. Tools required include your normal shampoo, condition, natural hair comb, dryer, hair moisturizer, spray color, towels. Keep all tools close, during the process.

Step 2
Wash and condition the natural hair. Apply a bit of hair moisturizer, if desired. For example, Shea Butter or a spray hair moisturizer. Work the hair moisturizer through the hair. Take a natural comb or brush to apply, if necessary. Style the hair with a natural pick, until satisfied with the look.

Step 3
Achieve this jazzy look with a temporary hair color spray. Follow the directions that are included in the temporary hair color product and apply it to the natural hair in the pattern or design on the model in the picture. Use a mirror to spray on the color or ask a friend for assistance in the process.

Of course, coloring natural hair is a choice. However, natural hairstyles require tender loving care and gentle treatment. Visit a hair salon that specializes in black hairstyles for expert care and hair color application. Like this look? Well, you can request this look that was created by Ursula Kershaw from The Studio in North Charleston, SC. Phone number (843) 364-4049. Contact them for this look or other hot and trendy looks.

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