Felicia Pollard’s Long Hairstyle with Hair Color

Salon: D’avlan Salon and Spa
Hair Stylist: Felicia Pollard
Model: Maria

This is a cute and sassy hairstyle that goes casual to formal paired with the right outfit. Shiny brunette hair is highlighted with golden blonde hair color to give the style a definite “Wow” look. Sexy, spiral curls gently graze the shoulders. Long hairstyles like this were made for the woman who prefers long hair and glossy locks. 

Spiral curls look gorgeous on long hair splashed with vibrant hair color. Hair should be at least shoulder length for best effects. Bangs should graze brows. Part your hair on one side and spray a root lifting serum on the hair to give it volume. This will help the spiral curl set. Use a thermal curling iron to form the curl loosely at the ends. Start from the front side and around. Wrap hair on iron, hold, release.

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