Leslie Brown’s “Biker Diva” Short Hairstyle with Hair Color

Salon: The Style, The Look, The Salon
Hair Stylist: Leslie Brown
Model: Gracie

This short hairstyle is accomplished by first shampooing, and deep conditioning the mane. Then a tapered hair cut is achieved with shears while leaving length on the top. The hair cut is finished with clippers to give the hair in the back of the neck a rounded shape; as well as the rest of the hairline which is cut to frame the model’s face. After the hair is dried, then small c-shape marcel iron is used for the sides, and back of this model’s hair to give this look a wavy curl effect. Then larger marcels are used to curl the hair on the top, and to give this style a Mohawk effect. To add hair color desired hair weave is added and blended in with the rest of the model’s hair. Short hairstyles and colored is wearable for all and easy to keep up.

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