Fierce & Flawless Updo with a Bang from Tracie Esmond

Salon: Girlfriends Beauty Salon
Stylist: Tracie Esmond
Model: Michaela
Make Up: Lori Miles

Today we will be covering the hairstyle known as an updo with a bang. This is the perfect hairstyle for almost any occasion. It looks sexy while still maintaining a professional look. Before we start the tutorial please note that this look was created by Tracie Esmond who you can find at Girl Friends Beauty Salon in Ft. Walton Beach, Florida. Without any further ado, let’s get started with creating this perfect look.
First you want to start with dry hair, this is pretty important for the updo part of this look. Afterward portion off part of your hair with a thick scrunchy or rubber band to gather your hair on towards the top back of your head. Take about a third of the ponytail and move it off towards the side. Leave the third out and now create a bun using the other two-thirds of your hair. Once you have secured this bun, make sure that you have this firmly secured, then you can take the third that you have set aside and braid it. You then want to tie off this off. Secure the braid around the bun and to make sure that it stays put. Now onto the front or the harder part of this hairstyle for most people. First you want to dampen the part of your hair that is not in a bun. comb the right portion of your hair off to the side, for this specific updo part of your fringe should hang over your to make the hairstyle look that much better. Next towards the tips of the fringe you want to comb it so that it angles slightly upwards. After this you want to comb the hair below the bun forwards so that it seems to merge with your fringe. Do the same on the left portion that you already combed. Finally, you want to apply some hair-spray so that this hairstyle stays for as long as you want. This hairstyle works for almost any situation and works especially well for leisure and professional surroundings. Once again this amazing hairstyle was created by Tracie Esmond who can be found at Girlfriends Beauty Salon and can be reached at (850) 226-6300.

1 thought on “Fierce & Flawless Updo with a Bang from Tracie Esmond”

  1. This Hair Style reminds me of my “younger years” (the Donut or Bun (lol) it’s Very Simple but oh so Elegant! I like the way she Updated and brought New Life into a style that was out before she was born (I think), I just notice something…there’s Not a Strand Out of PLACE! Kudos


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