Lobster Tail and Waves Hairstyle from Pamela Webster

Salon: Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon
Stylist: Pamela Webster
Model: Allegra
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

The following is a step by step of how to create this gorgeous style. To be able to achieve the above look all you need are; anti-frizz comb, hair pins, three strands of hair extension and the hair needs to have been relaxed and dyed.

Take seriously the dyeing process of sections of the hair (middle area) to ensure the color comes out right and also the health of the hair isn’t affected. After dyeing, deep condition the hair to close the hair cuticles. Then spray the roots of the hair with a texturizer to remove any natural oils that can flatten the hair. Seek professional advice from Pamela at Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon on which dye, conditioner and texturizer you can use.
Separate the hair into three sections; the two sides and the middle. Brush the two sides and clip them at the bottom of the head.
Divide the mid-section into three sections, begin by braiding a smaller section from the front, just above the beginning of the left eye; add hair as you move in a wave like manner to the end the head,it resulting into a tight French braid. Secure the ends using a hair pin.
To achieve the waves on the sides of the head, apply hair gel as you comb it through towards the back of the head. Using an anti-frizz comb, comb the hair to the right, then hold it with a finger as you comb it to the left and continue until the back of the head. Take three strands hair extension and braid it into a long rope, pin it around the mid-section and finish by forming a conch shell using both the French braid and hair extension at the nape of the neck.

This hairdo was created by Pamela Webster at Greg’s Professional Barber & Beauty Salon located on 1917 Duval Street Mobile AL 36606. It’s open on Tuesdays to Saturdays from 8:30am to 6:00pm. For reservations, please call (251) 473-9575.

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