Fierce Pixie Hairstyle for Black Women from Yvette Alston in Columbia, SC

Pixie haircuts are designed to make a statement. They showcase the client’s confidence in a trendsetting way. Professional hairstylist Yvette Alston from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC took the pixie style and flair to a whole new level with this pixie hairstyle for black women. Yvette started with a precision haircut. She added human hair extensions in the top to add volume and pink highlights also.

The vibrant pink highlights contrast with the client’s natural hair to give the total look more definition. The hair additions in the top give this pixie hairstyle height. This works well against the razor cut sides of the hairstyle. Yvette also used the razor cut technique in the back to increase the wispiness of the look. This short pixie hairstyle for black women will look good in any situation, whether you’re on the way to the boardroom or a night on the town.

Stylist: Yvette Alston
Salon: Alter Ego Hair Salon
Model: Shana
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Pixie Hairstyle for Black Women

Pixie hairstyles are usually short around the sides with extra length at the top. The definition of a pixie haircut has changed dramatically in the last few years. Superstars like Rhianna and Halle Berry have changed the standards for a pixie haircut. Yvette Alston is a professional hairstylist in Columbia, SC. Her version of a pixie hairstyle for black women consists of short, razor cut sides all around with length at the top. She also created a long bang in the front that can cover the client’s left eye producing a peek-a-boo effect.

To achieve the height at the top, Yvette installed human hair extensions. She chose to use human hair because of the versatility it afforded her. Synthetic hair doesn’t give you the ability to use heat on the additions the way human hair does. In the back of the hair, Yvette used a precision razor-cut technique to create motion around the sides. The combination of the razor cut sides, the pink highlights and the peek-a-boo bang create an atmosphere of fun and sophistication with this pixie hairstyle for black women.

Take Care of Your Pixie at Home

It’s not enough to sport a beautiful pixie haircut like this on the day you leave the salon. What can you do to maintain this hairstyle while you’re away from the salon? Yvette suggests her clients use a daily moisturizer and wrap their hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet to keep this pixie hairstyle for black women looking salon fresh. With proper maintenance, Yvette says you should be able to keep this hairstyle for two to three weeks.

Introducing Yvette Alston from Alter Ego Salon in Columbia, SC

This playful pixie hairstyle for black women was created by Ms. Yvette Alston. Yvette is a professional, nationally published hairstylist located at Alter Ego Salon, 9444 Two Notch Rd., Suite – A in Columbia, SC. Yvette’s professional standards and her eye for detail are just two of the reasons a slot on her appointment book is in such high demand. Stop by Alter Ego Salon or give Yvette a call at (803) 357-1414 and let her create a look like this beautiful pixie hairstyle for black women for you.

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