35 Perfect Pixie Haircuts for Black Women in 2021 You Need to See!!!

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The pixie cut, a revolutionary way to showcase the modern woman’s beauty. The perfect pixie haircut for black women these days looks different than it did in years past. Around twenty years ago, a pixie cut was simply a short cut with symmetrical sides and back. Then, the hairstylist might put some layers up top. Now, the cut has evolved so much.

1. A Bold Short Hairstyle with Spikes and Hair Color from Cindy Pierce 

This cut is spiky and gorgeous. The color is a head-turner. If you’re looking for more punk rock flair, then this is the perfect pixie cut you should select. It’s utterly head turning with the candy copper hair color.

Short Hairstyle with Spikes and Hair Color
Stylist: Cindy Pierce / Salon: Hair One Styling Salon / Model: Ashley / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Pixies now come in many variations, from the conservative pixie with even sides and layers in the top, to including undercut pixies with shaved sides and even design parts added. It’s important to note that we define the pixie cut as any short cut where the top of the hair is cropped into layers. And the effects might be so it can be styled in such a way as to create a sense of movement. Black women certainly love their hair. Pixie haircuts show a level of confidence and sophistication. This is why pixie haircuts are so prevalent with black women today.

2. Courtney Garcia’s Pixie Haircut with Hair Color 

The long, sweeping layers are what give this cut its beauty. Styles like this are visually interesting and add depth to the face. This is ideal if you love super sweeping, the precise cut looks.

Pixie Haircut with Hair Color
Stylist: Courtney Garcia / Salon: Royal Designs / Model: Carmen

Times Have Changed

When it comes to haircuts, people need to understand that the pixie changed the game. Think back to the birth of our country. Back then, women would never dream of having short cuts. They were all about the long locks. It was a societal expectation. Women had to have long hair because it was a sign of femininity. It showcased that a woman was truly different than a man. It created a sexual appeal. Also, the cosmetic industry was not in full swing. Without the dresses and long hair, women wouldn’t look that different from their counterparts. Throughout most of our history, long hair was considered essential and ladylike.

3. Che Peterson’s Short  Pixie Cut Hairstyle with a Funky Bang 

Think of long piles of voluptuous hair with closely shaven sides. This will make a cute face look a little bit edgier. Try this look if you dare to stand out.

Short Hairstyle with a Funky Bang
Salon: All Power Barber and Beauty / Stylist: Che Peterson / Model: Danielle / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

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It was important to men that women looked different. After all, they were relegated to a separate sphere. Their place was in the home, having children and doing housework. The rich women sometimes got away with just child-rearing. Anyways, the point is that a woman’s long hair was the pinnacle of loveliness, to them. The verse in the Bible about a woman’s hair is her crown of glory probably did not escape many in the Victorian age. Although the verse went on to explain that women should embrace their femininity as a source of beauty, many took it the wrong way. Unfortunately, the beauty of the pixie cut was suppressed then.

4. Chic Asymmetrical Short Layered Pixie Bob Hairstyle from Brenda Barron 

What a gorgeous array of sass and sweetness. You can get a lot of volume in this cut, which is a bonus. If you love looking gorgeous and put together, here’s your style.

Chic Asymmetrical Short Layered Bob Hairstyle from Brenda Barron
Salon: Samiyah’s Hairstyling / Stylist: Brenda Barron / Model: Rodneshia / Make Up: Ursula Kershaw

Modern-Day Perfect Pixie Haircuts Changed the Game

Today, the pixie cut is a celebration of women and just how far we have come. That we can be beautiful and successful in the professional and personal sphere. That our lives don’t have to be tied to restrictions. And that we can cut, and style our hair anyway we damn well, please. The cosmetics, jewelry, and clothes of this age are all geared to making women look the best they possibly can while helping them express an individual style. And even the pixie cut’s evolution has proved that there is not just any, one size fits all pixie.

5. Tapered Bond Black Perfect Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Marcus Doss 

The layering is flattering and a little bit punky. You can tell that the person who selects this cut wants to add character to their gorgeous features. The sides especially are visually eye-catching.

Short Tapered Bond Black Hairstyle
Stylist: Marcus Doss / Salon: Marcus Doss Salon / Model: Coya / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

UniversalSalons.Com is honored to celebrate the freedom and individualism showcased with dynamic hairstyles like these perfect pixie haircuts for black women. We went through our library of over 20,000 hairstyle images and pulled out the 35 hottest perfect pixie haircuts for black women in 2019. Our editors are internationally known hairstylists in their own right, and this distinguished group of individuals chose these 35 hairstyles, all from professional cosmetologists, as the best representation for where the pixie haircut is today.

The Hottest 35 Short Pixie Haircuts for Black Women in 2020


6. Exaggerated Blonde Pixie Haircut from Dominique Blount 

This one is fit for a blond, goddess queen. You can get extra volume by learning how to do a blow out on this shorter style. It’s a real conversation starter but in a way that looks natural, not out of place.

Short Blonde Pixie Haircut
Stylist: Dominique Blount / Salon: Prime Hair Studio / Model: Ava / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

7. Blonde Pin Curl Hairstyle from Deirdre Clay 

The romanticism of these blond curls does not go unnoted. You can make this curly cut look extra chic by pairing it with a lacy outfit. All in all, you will enjoy your look every day while you have it.

Blonde Pin Curl Hairstyle
Stylist: Deirdre Clay / Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. / Model: Gabrielle / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

8. Lovely Short Hairstyle with Color from Shae Thompson 

Flat or spiked- with this cut you can have both. Add in that touch of color at the back, and you are set for a lot of compliments on both the cut and the color. It’s a funky design that does all the talking for you.

Stylist: Shae Thompson / Salon: A Heavenly Place in Hair / Model: Gwendolyn

9. Spiked Flips Short Hairstyle from Tammy Herod 

Simply stunning half curls and finger waved sides. Ultimately this cut is a mix of retro and rocker. You can enjoy the spiked tips while at the same time having a lot of curling action. This one is for those who like to stay young at heart.

Spiked Flips Short Hairstyle
Stylist: Tammy Herod / Salon: Tammy’s Hair Gallery / Model: Jacquelyn / Make Up: Tammy

10. Beautiful Perfect Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Katrina Ammons 

You can look good with a simple pixie; this model proves it. This is the sort of classical style of cut that set off the trend of the pixie. It’s a great compliment to cute faces. Those who pull off this look best have a face shape they love to show off.

Pretty Pixie Haircut
Stylist: Katrina Ammons / Salon: A Perfect Image Hair Studio / Model: Lorene

11. Super Short Pixie Haircut from Katrina Ammons 

This very short cut shows you can do a lot with a little. One of the best features of it is that it combs sleekly to the sides of the head. There is very little styling or maintenance required for the hairstyle. Pair it with rocking jewelry that will truly be all you need to look dressed up.

Super Short Pixie Haircut
Stylist: Katrina Ammons / Salon: A Perfect Image Hair Studio / Model: Marie

12. Melissa Green’s Cinnamon Roll Short Hairstyle and Hair Color 

Pile on the glam and shazam- it’s maroon for the winner! This cut has very short sides coupled with a voluminous top. It’s great for people who love to still have some hair to curl with their pixie. You will look extremely polished and the cut can be made to go in a variety of styling directions.

Melissa Green’s Cinnamon Roll Short Hairstyle
Salon: Studio 102 Hair Salon / Stylist: Melissa Green / Model: Nikki / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

13. Beautiful Pixie with a Long Bang from Katrice Thompkins 

These long, pieced perfect locks say it all.  This cut has the dimension that is necessary to be a stunner. If You like the long bangs and all the pieces of This style, then this is the one You should request.

Stylist: Katrice Thompkins / Salon: Katrice Thompkins Productions / Model: Michelle

14. Modern Perfect Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Ashlee Gradic 

How did the stylist make short look this perfect? Not only is the hair perfectly coifed, but it is expertly layered. This is no small feat for such short locks. People will be staring at your hair and wondering how you do it.

Modern Pixie Cut Hairstyle
Stylist: Ashlee Gradic / Salon: Style Rich Salon / Model: Felisha / Make Up: Enrika Wilds

15. Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Aniya Oden 

You are the life of the party and this cut tells your story. The fiery red bangs are the perfect addition to this style. You will love what some accessories can do to the overall aesthetic as well.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle
Stylist: Aniya Oden / Salon: Styles So Chic / Model: Nanevea / Make Up: Chondra

16. Ashley Wheeler’s Short Hairstyle with Hair Color 

Beautiful women deserve the most gorgeous, blond, and layered pixies. The way this one sweeps out in all directions is what makes it truly unique. It has a dramatic whimsical effect that makes for a lot of aesthetic display.

Short Hairstyle with Hair Color
Stylist: Ashley Coutain / Salon: Godley Image Hair Studio inc. / Model: Nikki

17. Pretty Pixie Hairstyle with Soft Curls from Booh Weave 

The curls are billowing here so look at the Victorian Age! The classics can sometimes be the best inspiration for modern favorites. The romantic tight curls were as stylish back in days of old as they are now.

Pixie Hairstyle with Soft Curls
Salon: Hair ER / Stylist: Booh Weave / Model: Brittany / Make Up: Enrika Wilds

18. Quanshanna Lewis’ “Peacock’ Short Hairstyle with Hair Color 

This cut is very cool and showcases a free spirit with rocker vibes. Add in the hint of green, and this cut is surely set to make memories. You will like how it all comes together to a fusion of greatness.

“Peacock’ Short Hairstyle with Hair Color
Stylist: Quanshanna Lewis / Salon: Q Hair Elements / Model: Quanshanna

19. Smokescreen Pixie-Bob Hairstyle for Black Women from Deirdre Clay 

The cut would almost be a bob if not from the bangs and the short side. You can wear this one well, like the Rihanna look-alike you are. Anyone who is torn between a bob and an actual pixie cut can surely appreciate this wild combo. You will still look tame enough for everyday wear though.

Short Hairstyle for Black Women with Grey Hair Color
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio / Stylist: Deirdre Clay / Model: Ianna / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

20. Short Perfect Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Freda Barnes 

There is so much volume here it would be a shame to not try it once. You can get pieces, textures, and overall aesthetic in one neat bundle. This one is ideal for people who are wanting a change that is cute but not too risky.

Pixie Hairstyle from Freda Barnes
Stylist: Freda Barnes / Salon: Xpressions / Model: Renita

21. Ursula Kershaw’s “Ultimate Party” Short Hairstyle 

For those that love dimension, this is the one! You can get a bit of it all, from rad color to curls to even some brown thrown in there. If you love the extra colors, go for this.

“Ultimate Party” Short Hairstyle
Stylist: Ursula Kershaw / Salon: The Studio / Model: Shakira / Make Up: Ursula Kershaw

22. Short Hairstyles with Tapered Sides and a Long Bang from Enrika Wilds

This is for any beautiful face that loves attention. You will get long, billowing bangs that hide the face a bit. The top is perfect for tussling.

Short Hairstyles with Tapered Sides and a Long Bang
Salon: Miracle Hair Salon / Stylist: Enrika Wilds / Model: Toylesha / Make Up: Enrika Wilds

23. Curly Hairstyle for Black Women by Aniya Oden 

Is she California dreaming, or does she look this good for work every day? This cut is best when you want to take advantage of some wave and texture at the top of the head but don’t want to spend hours styling your hair.

Cover: Short Curly Hairstyle for Black Women
Stylist: Aniya Oden / Salon: Styles So Chic / Model: Nanevea / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Editor’s Note: Congratulations to Aniya Oden from Styles so Chic Hair Salon in Raleigh, NC for winning the “Best of the Best Perfect Pixie Haircut for Black Women”. Aniya’s hairstyle was chosen, by our viewers, as the hottest perfect pixie cut of all the beautiful looks that grace this page.

24. Curly Hairstyle with Hair Color from Karline Ricketts 

This one is for the blonds who like to have fun. If you like to be able to wash and go, then you can let the blond do all the talking for you and just let your hair be in the AM.

short hairstyle for black women with curls and hair color
Stylist: Karline Ricketts / Salon: Karline’s Salon / Model: Rhondia / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

25. Short Edgy Faux Hawk Hairstyle from Natausha Ray 

Don’t hesitate to go red and pixie all in one sweep. You can get those long bits of red that hover over your face in a faux hawk chic manner.

Short Hairstyle for Black Women with Color
Salon: Salon 921 / Stylist: Natausha Ray / Model: Keelyn / Make Up: Crystal Dixon

26. Short Hairstyle with a Beautiful Bang from Deirdre Clay 

Another bob like cut with even more modern touches. It almost looks robotic it’s so precise. You will love how straight and precise your hair flows. You can still capitalize on the side of your hair that is shaved with this nouveau take.

Short Hairstyle with a Beautiful Bang
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. / Stylist: Deirdre Clay / Model: Amanda / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

27. Elegant, Pixie Hairstyle with Pin Curls and Hair Color from Booh Weave 

These are red, full curls that cannot be replaced with any other pixie look. Choose this one to look so cute it’s hard to bear. Keep smiling because you have the best hair in the room but you’re obviously too modest to let it get to your head.

Short Hairstyle with Pin Curls and Hair Color
Salon: Hair ER / Stylist: Booh Weave / Model: Chantel / Make Up: Enrika Wilds

28. Short Hairstyle with Multi-Color Highlights from Aniya Oden 

The colors and curls are what make this one special. You can dress up or down when you sport this pixie haircut for black women. For short side bangs with a lot of curls on top, you should go for this one.

Short Hairstyle with Tapered Sides and Multi-Color Highlights
Salon: Style so Chic / Stylist: Aniya Oden / Model: Nanevea / Make Up: Enrika Wilds

29. Pixie Cut Hairstyle from Evonda Watson 

This is a very professional looking cut that gives the wearer a touch of edge. Find yourself inspired to look different and better with this pixie cut. You will carry a bit of the ’90s with you wherever you roam.

Short Pixie Cut Hairstyle
Stylist: Evonda Watson / Salon: Mr. & Mrs. Malibu Hair Salon / Model: Jessica / Make Up: Ms. Jackee

30. Short Pixie Haircut with Hair Color from Ashley Ingram

The blue and long length make this cut have everything on long hair. Look at the sharply tuned angles as well in the mirror when you get dressed in the morning. How did you get so cool?

Short Black Hairstyles for Women
Salon: Nycole’s Hair Boutique / Stylist: Ashley Ingram

31. Prissy Pixie Haircut from Shay Walker 

Pile the cut high and make it peak with perfection. Clyde has certainly done it again! You will feel ten feet tall walking into that office come Monday morning. It’s good to invest in a cut that will make you feel a sense of strength.

short hairstyles for black women pixie haircut
Stylist: Shay Walker / Salon: Slay by Shay / Model: Brenda / Make Up: Briana Dodd

32. Short, Sassy, Blonde Hairstyle from Kevin Quattlebaum 

The sweep and length of the blond hair are ultra-sexy. You will be able to have that beautiful length that a short pixie aspiring to be a bob wants. Finding a balance is what living is all about.

Short Blonde Haircut with Tapered Sides
Salon: Personalities Hair Studio / Stylist: Kevin Quattlebaum / Model: Kristy / Make Up: Kristy Quattlebaum

33. Sexy Perfect Pixie Cut with Highlights from Dominique Blount 

This one is good for cute faces that want to accentuate their beauty. You have a lot of feminine touches that will make you smile when you see your reflection. After all, you deserve to grin with the simple things in life.

Short Pixie Haircut for Black Women
Stylist: Dominique Blount / Salon: Prime Hair Studio / Model: Antoinette / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

34. Short Vivid Violet Hairstyle for Black Women by Deirdre Clay 

The spike of purple and the spike in general cause this cut to shine forth. There is a lot of curb appeal in having spiky hair that is also longer and dramatic. You will enjoy an overall wonderfully complex cut.

Short Vivid Violet Hairstyle for Black Women
Salon: Wave Links Hair Studio Inc. / Stylist: Deirdre Clay / Model: Amanda / Makeup; Deirdre Clay

35. Silver Pixie from Dre’ Ramseur 

You’re not old but you’re so young you deliberately want the grey look. This cut though has a lot of blacks as well as the grey, making it look like a black and grey balayage of sorts. 

Stylist: Dre’ Ramseur / Salon: Hair Infiniti Wellness Salon / Model: Tangela / Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Perfect Pixie Cut Conclusion

Like all good stories, this epic tale of 35 amazing pixie haircuts for black women has to come to a close. Thankfully though, you can choose any of them and see the results in the mirror each morning. You’re only one step away from finding your perfect fit. Try a few to see which one you like best on you. The new pixie looks perfect on you and you know it.

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