Flawless Curls Long Hair Extensions from Apryl Mcabee

Salon: Hairsollutionzbyapryl
Stylist: Apryl Mcabee
Model: DeNeine
Make Up: Deirdre Clay

Are you looking for a curled African American hairstyle with tons of body and movement? Look no further! Come to Hair Solutionz, Apryl Mcabee curls your hair for an undeniably chic look! Adding curls to your long hair extensions makes it feel more attractive and put together. At Hair Solutionz , we add luscious curls to your long hair making you look extra gorgeous. Follow through how we style it and get inspired!

How to Style

We apply a little cream before styling your extensions in order to ensure that your curls are smooth and defined as well as boosting their hold to help maintain your curl longevity.We curl your hair extensions with a tapered curling wand for a gorgeous wave. We gently curl it and leave it drop into a perfect curl.We pin your curls into round shapes using large hair clips and successfully repeat this process for your remaining wefts. To ensure that your curls are long lasting in extensions, we encourage our customers to leave the hair that way for at least an overnight.We curl the hair the next day using the tapered curling wand. We take the extensions and remove the pins before fitting the extensions to your preferred style.We gently brush through the flawless curls long hair extensions to separate out the curls before finishing up with a soft hold hairspray.Even though the flawless curls long hair extensions are 100% human hair, we avoid heat styling because it can cause damage. Hair Solutionz embraces this method to get long lasting curls that will hold our customers’ extensions for days.At Hair Solutionz, Apryl Mcabee makes your curls produce a beautiful bounce, from amazing soft waves to vibrant spirals. If you are looking for a hairstylist who knows how to make gorgeous curls, call (240) 586-4094 and be connected to Apryl Mcabee.

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