Frangetter Battle’s Red Matrix Medium Hairstyle

Salon: Personal Touch Beauty and Barber Complex, Inc.
Stylist: Frangetter Battle
Model: Aaliyah
Make Up: Asia Carter

Of all the mohawks, this mohawk has been modernized, feminized and glamorized into one of many striking black hairstyles. If you have boldness and self-confidence then this style of short haircut and combination curl set is for you. The style makes its own entrance and will certainly attract attention. The cropped short haircut is naturally or colored dark brown, tapered and cut short around the back and sides. There is a full set of very red wave curls on the top. The curls begin at the crown, cascade towards the front and angle over the right eye. The curls taper at the back and sides. The look is finished with manicured eyebrows and complimentary mascara, eye shadow color and two-tone lip color. 


6 thoughts on “Frangetter Battle’s Red Matrix Medium Hairstyle”

  1. I always love her hair style it’s very net cut nice and color is very beautiful.she does a very good job.make up is very awesome need my done.


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