“Tee” Rogers’ Natural Hairstyle with “Fire” Hair Color

Salon: A Special Tee’s Salon
Stylist: “Tee” Rogers
Model: Alexis
Make Up: Alexis Smith

Black hairstyles are hard to tame, especially when they’re curly. It’s easy to polish them while maintaining a natural finish.

First, pin the hair up in layers. Working from the bottom layer, pull out small sections of hair and tightly wrap them around the wand, holding them there for five to ten seconds. Gently pull the curling iron out of the spiral and hold the hair in place while it cools. Before letting it fall, give it a mist of hairspray. Take your time and repeat this step until you have a fabulous head of spiral curls that will hold all night. This look will look great with any hair color.

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