Gabrielle Union is a Trendsetter as an Actress and With Hair Styles

Gabrielle Union at Good Deeds Los Angelas Premiere
Gabrielle Union at Good Deeds Los Angelas Premiere

Actress Gabrielle Union seems way too young to be the trendsetter she is. She’s fabulous as an actress and is a rising trendsetter and role model for the African American Community. Now in Tyler Perry’s Good Deeds, Gabrielle Union was seen iat the Los Angeles premiere in her starring role as a love interest to Tyler Perry’s Deeds. Throughout the years, Gabrielle has always been in the forefront of hair fashion in the African American community..

Ms.Union sports several long hair styles in the movie, ranging from the practical styles we all wear – a basic pony tail, no frills, no sheen, no conditioning – just whatever gets us through the day – to high sheen, highly polished long hair styles we all yearn to wear. The most beautiful hair style Union wore in the movie is of a long pony tail, with relaxed hair and plenty of sheen and conditioner, seen when Deeds announces that she can stay in one of his corporate apartments. A dream come true for anybody.
To achieve this star look of Gabrielle Union you should definitely contact your favorite professional cosmetologist.  However, for the bold at heart, you can try to re-create this beautiful long style at your home.  If you love the look of black hair styles, especially if you love long hair styles, you can achieve this look with little fuss and what you’ve already got at home. Whatever your hair style or hair style color, you can do this.

Shampoo and condition your hair, with the usual hair products you use. Towel dry your hair so that it is damp but not dripping. Apply liberal amounts of leave-in conditioner and work through the ends with your fingers. The trick here is to condition your black hair or hair style color to achieve this style. With your wide-toothed comb, gather your hair into a high pony and fasten securely with a quality pony fastener. Apply more leave-in conditioner, if necessary. Smooth the pony with the wide-toothed comb. If the ends are frizzy or dry, apply small amounts of leave-in conditioner. Spray lightly with a gentle spray.

Presto. You’ve achieved this long beautiful look. Many hair salons across the country will create the elegant look for you at a very reasonable cost.  To see many many more photos like the one Gabrielle Union is wearing, you can go to our image gallery at



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