Tiffany Cunningham’s Blonde Bombshell Hair Styles Step by Step

TIFFANY-231x300In this video, she provides a detailed tutorial on the process used to create Tequila’s bombshell look. The hair stylist begins by creating long layers on a quick weave. She then goes on to show how she curls and styles the hair to create the flawless finished look.

This video includes invaluable cutting and styling techniques. Tequila’s hair style color is a beautiful shade of blonde which creates the perfect combination of drama and sophistication for the final look. This look can also be recreated with ease using any hair style color as well as different lengths and textures.

This is the perfect video for everyone who has ever wanted to be able to produce eye-catching, long hair styles. It would be ideal for hair salons that use black hair videos to train stylists on current styling techniques. What better way to have them learn than directly from a stylist whose work is respected in hair salons across the country? It will also serve as a guide for novices and amateurs who would like to see how top hair stylists create one of the most popular black hair styles. Regardless of skill level, it is a must-watch.

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