Gabrielle Union’s Fantastic Hairstyle!

Gabrielle Union
Gabrielle Union

While at the Movie Theater the other day watching the movie “Think like a man”, I couldn’t help but think that Gabrielle Union has one of the best black hairstyles of any African American out there. She truly is a top trend setter for the African American community. Pictures of her hair styles are brought into hair salons across the country. Her hair is so bouncy and shimmery. I couldn’t help but long for locks just like hers as I watched the movie.

To have a style like Gabrielle Union you will need to grow your hair long. She has many long hair styles so you will need the added length. She also wears weaves and other pieces to add to the length and to protect her own hair. For most of her hair styles you will need to use a straightener. Make sure to put some sort of hair product so you don’t damage your hair! The other type of long hair styles that she does is a wavy style. For that style you will need hot curlers at least one and a half inches wide. Put them in and do other things while your hair sets.Her new movie “Think like a man” is a movie based on Steve Harvey’s book “Act like a lady, think like a man: What men really think about Love, Relationships, Intimacy and Commitment”. In the movie we follow four women who have read the book and are applying its wisdom to their own lives. The men in their lives find out what they are doing and try to use the relationship advice against them to teach them a lesson.This movie has been out for about a month. Gabrielle Unions as well as her costars are an inspiration to black hairstyles everywhere. Gabrielle has so much fashion sense and personality it isn’t any wonder that she is the inspiration for many. Her twitter account says she loves fashion, beauty, fitness, dogs, and sports. It really does show. She is an amazing beauty and is in fabulous shape!

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