Halle Berry’s Short and Sassy Hairstyle

Halle Berry
Halle Berry

Halle Berry has always been an empress of style, beauty and class. A lot of women may feel a bit apprehensive about experimenting with short hair styles, or donning shorter natural hair styles. Halle Berry has proven that women can look just as sexy with short hair as with long styles.

In fact, short hair styles can be even more flattering than long ones, and don’t require nearly as much maintenance. Black hair styles are often worn long with the implement of weave or a relaxer, but wearing your hair natural and short can be just as beautiful and unique.When rocking a short style, it’s important to keep it short along the sides and back while maintaining length on the top and front. This creates a streamlined effect that will look elegant and seductive. The neck will look longer and the features of the face will be more pronounced. A short style like Halle’s isn’t for the meek. You won’t be able to hide behind long tendrils, and you won’t be able to rely on a quick ponytail or up do when you don’t feel like dealing with your hair.


However, with very short hair styles, it’s possible to do a quick shampoo, conditioning and be ready to go. Like other black hair styles, you don’t want to over-wash your hair because it will lose crucial oils and dry out. If you shampoo every other day and apply a strong leave-in conditioner, you won’t have to fuss with it. Your hair should look fresh, cute and stylish, even through intense humidity.

Halle Berry’s look at the Jenesse Silver Rose Awards Gala is sassy and glamorous. This tussled look is simple to achieve with a bit of product and a flat iron, if your hair isn’t naturally straight or relaxed. Just shape the top and tease it a bit to give it more volume.

Hair styles that are on the shorter side are also great for rocking accessories. Short hair opens up your neck and shoulders so that you can wear elaborate necklaces and scarfs. Long, dangling earrings are also easy to showcase with short hair. To add a bit of glam to a short and simple style, try tying or pinning a pretty ribbon throughout your hair. Unique combs and hair ornaments are also an option. You can step out the door with confidence as you flash your shining embelishments like a modern day geisha.


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