Get Jennifer Hudson’s Classy, Timeless Style

Jennifer Hudson's "I Remember Me" CD Release Party - Arrivals

Elegance spills from Hudson like honey with her long lashes and dangling earrings. She was breathtaking in a sparkling black sequin dress as she celebrated in New York. Even more eye-catching than her dress, however, were the long, wavy locks of hair cascading down her shoulders. This style may seem simple and traditional, but the subtlety of Hudson’s look exudes a quality of refined gracefulness. So, how can we get this classic style?

The key to Hudson’s shimmering coiffure is, first of all, health. The more hair is cared for, the more that care shines through to produce healthy tresses that become the envy of any event. Healthy hair doesn’t just happen – it takes conditioning and preparation.

The night before, rinse and lather hair with shampoo and protein conditioner. Then apply a wheat germ conditioning treatment from root to tip; dry and then rinse. Apply a leave in conditioner and section the hair into several medium-sized sections. With a finger, roll hair into finger curls and pin with a Bobbie-Pin to secure curls until the entire head is done. Sleep on the curls until morning. This is a great way to give hair some wave without over processing.

In the morning, remove pins and tousle hair. Assist existing curls with your fingers in an effort to shape the hair into waves around the face. Use a warm iron if needed for stubborn strands. Tease or back-comb the roots for a little lift. Spray the style with a workable hair spray so hair will bounce and flow naturally.

Dazzle your event with a classy, timeless Jennifer Hudson style.

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