UniversalSalons.com Editor’s Choice for the Hottest Long Hair Styles for 2011

EDMEASIA-SMITH-081811-15-e1314806716856“Short and Sleek”

Ladies, stop and listen! UniversalSalons.com has three new and exciting hair styles for those of you blessed with luxuriously soft and long tresses. Whether you are a blonde, a brunette, a redhead, or blessed with black hair, the exciting hair styles will suit you well. So, what are these new and eye-catching hair styles that will make casual observers stop and stare? Read on to find out!

Top one on the list of the hottest long hair styles is called the “Smooth and Sleek”. By the name itself, you can imagine straight, flowing and shiny hair that is delicately tapered at the back. Along with the meticulous tapering, this style also comes with bangs that are carefully cut to an even length. This particular hair style is reminiscent of Cleopatra, the Egyptian queen who sported sophisticated bangs with her long black hair. The cut works wonderfully with ladies with jet black hair, though the style also works for different hair colors.  The sleek and smooth look is perfect for women on the go who want to appear stylish yet elegantly simple.

LAKISHA-WYLIE070111-1-e1314806868543“Malaysian Flow”

Second on the list of the hottest hair styles for long hair this 2011 is called the “Malaysian Flow”, also dubbed the “Malaysian Spanish Wave”. This long hair style conveys a casual and more laid-back look as opposed to the sophisticated feel that is present in “Smooth and sleek”. The cut is characterized by hair kept off the face and falling along the sides of the cheekbones to accentuate a striking facial structure. The front boasts natural waves for an easy and genuine feel while the back shows off extra volume and gorgeous length. This particular hair cut is great for no-frills women who just want to enjoy life and who take pleasure in their wavy bouncy hair.

“A Modern Take on Timeless Style”

SABRINA-MILES-081811-1-e1314807011181Top three on the list of the hair styles to get this 2011 is called “A Modern Take on Timeless Style”. This hair style is similar to “Smooth and Sleek” that has straight bangs and long layered tresses. However, this hair style provides a wonderful twist: a vibrant color to veer away from the usual long black locks with even bangs. Thus, stylists color women’s hair with a blonde color that is closer to the shade of honey. For that bouncy and easygoing feel, the bangs are made to create a fringe just above the eyebrows. This avant-garde hair style fits busy women who want to stand out in a crowd.


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