Go From Zero to Shero With This Long Sew-In Bob Hairstyle

The results are in and Black women love their bob hairstyles. Long bobs, short bobs, feathered bobs, bobs are one of the hottest black hairstyles today. This long bob haircut is actually a sew-in bob hairstyle. The look was created by Carla Harris, a professional hairstylist from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Design in Columbia, SC. This long sew-in bob hairstyle features loose curls and a heavy bang with a bold flip. It’s a beautiful hairstyle that is created in such a way as to protect the model’s own hair underneath the hair additions.

Stylist: Carla Harris
Salon: Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Designs in Columbia, SC
Salon Phone: (803) 237-9888
Model: Vanessa
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Long Sew-In Bob Hairstyle for Black Women

Carla Harris created this sew-in bob hairstyle with her model’s needs and lifestyle in mind. Carla designed the style to be easy to maintain, protect her model’s hair, and look drop-dead gorgeous doing it. The look features soft curls and a long bob haircut on sew-in hair additions.

Carla started with a high-quality sew-in technique using 100% human hair. She chose to use human hair because of its longevity. Human hair also gives Carla a larger list of options, in terms of styling the hair, over synthetic hair additions. Human hair is also much easier to maintain.

Before installing the hair additions, Carla ensured her model’s own hair would stay healthy laying underneath the sew-in for a prolonged period of time. She started by giving her model a deep penetrating shampoo and conditioner as well as a vitamin E treatment. Afterward, the model’s hair was braided and moisturized. Carla took the added step of using a hair net also. This adds another layer of protection between the hair additions and the model’s hair.

Professional Styling Techniques

Carla gave her model a precision bob haircut once the hair additions were installed. This bob haircut is designed to have motion and it moves gracefully in the wind and then falls back into place. To highlight the intricacies of the haircut, Carla added loose curls, made with a flat iron, throughout the style. She specifically added a large flip in the bang area to give a little splash of fun to this ling sew-in hairstyle.

Taking Care of This Long Sew-In Bob Hairstyle at Home

Taking care of your new hairstyle at home is extremely simple, no matter what look you are going for the next day. If you want a curlier look with more volume, use pin curls at night and tie your hair up. If you want a softer look, simply wrap your hair at night with a silk or satin cloth and comb it out in the mornings. Even then, you could use a flat iron to create a little bump in the style.

Introducing Carla Harris from Ms. Carla’s Unique Hair Design in Columbia, SC

The best part about this long sew-in hairstyle is the way it was designed and created especially for this model. This style is the product of the professional techniques of Ms. Carla Harris, one of Columbia, SC’s premier black hairstylists. Carla has earned a reputation as the professional to go to when you want to experience high quality hairstyle services. Her work has appeared in many magazines over the years. Give Carla a call at (803) 237-9888 and let her work her magic for you.

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