8 of the Hottest Natural Hairstyles in 2021

The natural hair movement has been around for quite some time and it’s still going strong. Which means every year we have to come up with more creative and exciting ways to rock our curls. So, in case you need some trend-setting ideas, here are the eight hottest natural hairstyles in 2020.

Buzz Cuts

There are few things a woman can do in this world bolder than chopping off her own locks. Speaking from personal experience. One of the reasons for this is due to the standards of beauty we associate with long, thick hair. However, increasingly women are showing us that not only can you maintain your femininity but you can do it in a way that is convenient for you. Many ladies note the manageability of this hairstyle but just remember, the shorter you go the more upkeep that is needed. This is a hairstyle we are sure to see more of in 2020.


Adding a bit of color to your tresses is always a cool way to change up your style but what if you’re not looking to make too drastic a change? No problem, here’s the perfect solution. Dip-dyed hair is definitely something that has been around for a while. You simply apply a pop of color towards either the very ends of your hair or the mid-shaft down and voilà! You’ve just added a  fresh new take on an old hairstyle and it’s right on trend for 2020. 

Crochet Faux Locs

Another hot hairstyle for the 2020 year are the crochet faux locs. Just like many others on this list, this is considered a protective and low maintenance hairstyle that gives you the appearance of dreads without having to actually go dread. There are a few ways you can achieve this look but essentially, hair extensions are wrapped around your natural hair so the style is only temporary. Plus, you can make your dreads as long as you want or make it more decorative with colors, yarn, etc… If you do choose this hairstyle, it is important to get them properly installed to avoid the numerous pitfalls like damage and or breakage.

Extra Long Braids/Twists/Locs

Sporting extra-long braids/twist/locs might be extra to some but for others, it is just what the stylist ordered. The best thing is, your real hair will be in a protective hairstyle which will help it grow and shield it from external stressors. Also, by taking care of your scalp (keep moisturized, use edge control, and do not scratch) you can stretch this hairstyle for weeks. So, go crazy with this hairstyle and rock your tresses as long as you can stand it. 

Here is Halfrican Beaute showing us the technique. If you enjoy the video please don’t forget to subscribe!

Larger than Life Afro

Have you seen the naturals walking around in their Larger than Life Afros? They are just as they sound, a very big, very exaggerated take on the modern afro. They’re all beautiful, yet these hairstyles can range from the slightly embellished toover the top which is perfect if you are heading to a special event. This is definitely a hot hairstyle that is sure to turn heads in 2020.

Knotless Box Braids

Knotless box braids are as the name implies, box braids without the knots you would traditionally see on the root. Instead, smaller amounts of braiding hair are joined to yours as you go. Not only is this a gorgeous style but it’s also a great tension-free protective style because less stress is placed on the root and along the edges.

Here is Tiffani Renae showing us the technique. If you enjoy the video please don’t forget to subscribe!

Passion Twists

Passion Twists are a relatively newer hairstyle as they exploded on the scene only a couple of years ago. Different from the popular Marley Twist, this twisting style requires a wavy type of braiding hair such as Freetress Water Wave Braiding Hair. This texture gives the hair a looser, somewhat unwound appearance that is as beautiful as it is fresh.


Here is Soughtout112 showing us the technique. If you enjoy the video please don’t forget to subscribe!

Textured Bang

Textured bangs are a cute and fun way to accentuate your features. This hairstyle is definitely one you will see a lot throughout the year and because natural curls can be easily manipulated, you don’t even need to cut your hair.

Hairstyling Tip: Hair Accessories

Hair accessories are a big trend for 2020. They’re a great way to add color, sparkle, or any kind of flare to any hairstyle. Many curlies are getting creative using everything from fabrics, strings, to pearls. So, if you’re looking for a little something to spice up your look, try dressing up your hair with an embellishment.

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