Goddess Locs: This Exclusive Technique Makes Style Changes a Breeze

Goddess locs are a beautiful, protective hairstyle that pays tribute to our African heritage. They are a form of faux locs that are distinguished by their wavy, textured ends. Goddess locs, like the 20-inch install featured in these images are designed to look great in many different settings. They also keep your own hair safe from the elements because they are securely wrapped inside the faux lock.

Stylist: Tish Summers
Salon: Shear Diva Designz in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 882-1579
Model: Chasisty
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

One challenge for many women has been the difficulty in changing up their goddess locs hairstyle after they leave the salon. After some time has passed, the locs tend to fall out while you’re trying to create a new look. Tish summers, a professional hairstylist located at Shear Diva Designz in Fayetteville, NC has devised an exclusive installation method that takes care of this problem or you.

Goddess Locs Technique Makes Style Changes a Breeze

Tish uses an exclusive crochet application technique that applies the faux loc to the root individually. This technique avoids slipping and can be used on all textures of hair. It’s a perfect way to ensure that you can change your hairstyle at home without worrying about your locs falling to the floor.

This new technique is a game-changer for any modern fashionista who loves the look of long, flowing goddess locs, and wants the versatility of changing up their look on a regular basis. Contact Tish at Shear Diva Hair Designz, 4808 Ramsey St., Suite – 104, in Fayetteville, NC, to get more information about this innovative technique. You can also give her a call at (910) 882-1579 to set up your initial consultation.

These Long Ombre Goddess Locs Are Perfect for Any Occasion

We wanted to show you this innovative new technique in action, so we asked Tish to create one of her signature goddess locs hairstyles using her new technique. The result is this beautiful, ombre, goddess locs hairstyle that features 20-inch synthetic hair with golden blonde ends.

This hairstyle perfectly complements the model’s natural features because of the detail Tish put into sectioning the hair. The goal during your installation is for your hairstyle to look full and correctly frame your face. Tish warns that an improper goddess locs installation could lead to a heavy or uneven look. You could also suffer alopecia or hair loss.

Taking Care of Your Goddess Locs Hairstyle at Home

While goddess locs are a protective hairstyle, there are some simple steps you can take at home that will help your style’s longevity. Tish summers from Shear Diva Hair Designz recommends wrapping your hair at night with a silk or satin bonnet and using some form of oil sheen everyday as a moisturizer. She also suggests scheduling a monthly cleansing treatment at the salon.

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