How to Make Your Long Goddess Locs Look Like a Million Bucks

Long goddess locs are one of the most sought-after hairstyles for black women this year. When they are installed correctly, long goddess locs are trendy, they’re incredibly easy to maintain, and goddess locs are an excellent protective hairstyle for anyone trying to grow out their own hair. The issue many women have are improper installation of their locs.  After all, goddess locs are a form of faux locs, meaning hair additions will need to be used. Many people trust this installation to unlicensed, individuals who don’t understand the essential aspects of a proper goddess locs hairstyle. We asked Tish Summers, a professional hairstylist, and a faux locs expert to help us understand the steps needed to make your long goddess locs look like a million bucks.

Stylist: Tish Summers
Salon: Shear Diva Designz in Fayetteville, NC
Salon Phone: (910) 882-1579
Model: Erika
Makeup: Deirdre Clay

Long Goddess Locks Done the Right Way

Long goddess locs are designed to look great for everyday use, or they can be easily brought up into a more formal hairstyle. Tish Summers from Shear Diva Designz in Fayetteville, NC uses an innovative application technique to give her clients more versatility with their styles. Tish’s exclusive application ensures that her client’s hairstyle won’t experience slippage as they wear the style. Tish also added some elegant mermaid hair, (deep wave hair additions) throughout the hairstyle. This gives these long goddess locs a funkier feel. Mermaid hair additions can be easily removed at home if you want to change up your look also.

Secrets to Getting Perfect Long Goddess Locs

The most important aspect of a beautiful long goddess locs hairstyle is choosing the right professional hairstylist to install the locs and create the style. For years, some people have tried to forego this step, only to regret the end results. Goddess locs can be tricky. For one thing, you can’t do the same look on different people. Each person needs to have their hair parted according to their individual facial shape and lifestyle. The partings are the foundation of this style. If they are done incorrectly, your hair will be too heavy on one side and will not fall correctly around your face.

Another consideration for goddess locs is the amount of hair added. Many people try to apply too many hair additions for a fuller look. If you don’t correctly apply these additions, the weight of the new hair will create too much tension on your scalp. This could result in tension alopecia and even hair loss. Professional hairstylists understand your scalp and they’ll create the perfect balance that will keep your hair healthy and give you a glamorous look also.

Tish says that some definite don’t’s are burning the ends, and using household glue to bond the hair additions. Both of which could lead to hair loss.

Taking Care of Your Long Goddess Locs After You Leave the Salon

The first step in taking care of your long goddess locs hairstyle is going to be a thorough maintenance routine. You should have an in-depth consultation with your professional hairstylist before they install your locs. This consultation will help your hairstylist create a maintenance routine specifically for you. Tish likes to recommend all of her clients use an argon infused satin bonnet at night. They should also use some type of oil sheen during the day to keep the hairstyle moisturized. Finally, Tish sets her clients up with an in-salon visit after approximately 5 weeks. She uses this time to incorporate her client’s new hair growth into the goddess locs. She also gives them a deep conditioning treatment. These steps keep Tish’s clients’ goddess locs looking salon-fresh and their own hair healthy.

Stop by Shear Diva Designz, located at 4808 Ramsey St., Suite – 104 in Fayetteville, NC and let Tish Summers create an awesome goddess locs hairstyle for you. You can also give her a call at (910) 882-1579.

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